Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Naughty Tree!

This "little" devil, all 40 feet of it, crashed down, the other night! As you can plainly see, this individual has made in roads, to its end as firewood! It took down most of my brand new poultry fence! Have to say though, the Beech tree makes great burning!

It shouldnt take me too long to finish sawing it up! At least as long as my back holds out.


  1. Nice. Don't think we have any Beech here in Florida.

  2. That's a big tree and a lot of work. Hope your back holds out until the work is all done.

  3. I think Beech is really indigenous to europe, but nevertheless, its a tough old tree and good burning, well worth the hard work!
    I`m hoping that I`ll have it sawn up by today. Trouble is, like everybody else, sure as eggs are eggs, something will come up and spoil the fun!

  4. Shame you couldn't saw it up to make a new fence, Cheyenne.