Saturday, June 26, 2010

"No!...No!....No! I`m not having it!.....You did it last time, and it was bloody awful! It tasted foul, and not only that, my mouth felt like it was full of gunge!...........So nob off!"

"Bloody horse! ...Come on? wont hurt, and its good for you, it will kill all those awful worms!......Aww! sod off then! I`ll get ya next time!"

Its always the way, you get a wormer, and then the horse walks away, its like they know? How?

Anyway this is the backend of the foal, born last April, she is now something to behold. Here she has her winter coat still.

Half Apaloosa, and the rest is Irish Draft. her mother is now and eventer in training, and doing well.
But, "Sunny", is my next riding horse, and she is as laid back and gentle, as any horse could be.

This is her view of the countryside from the farm,
our place is somewhere in the woods to the left! The hill in the far distance, and slightly to the left of center, is a Roman Fort.
I often ride from the farm to the hill, and back, its a fantastic ride, and although there are several roads to cross, its worth the effort.


  1. Beautiful countryside, and a very nice looking yearling!

  2. Thanks for the nice comment! Its a really good place here, but, it has its drawbacks, just like anywhere else. I do enjoy your blog, dont know how you find the time!

  3. Nice view Cheyenne. (The last pic, not the first one.)

  4. What a beautiful view (the countryside & the yearling's butt!) How warm is it in your part of the world now? Surprised the horse still has the winter coat...

  5. The temp at the moment is around
    74 deg.f. Which is pretty good for us! Looking to carry one to for a few more days.

    Tammy, the pic was taken in May, when we still had temps of
    52 deg.f! Its been a long cold winter.

  6. You're right about them knowing about wormer. I get that here. Wormed my herd the other day. Took me two hours. LOL

  7. I have a story about the day I decided to worm! I might post it.

  8. OMG...this is a wonderful view for you and the horses!

    O.K., tell us the worming story! Let's hear it....I can just imagine it now and if it's anything like giving med's to a dog...I'm soooo sorry for you already! going to build me a barn at Mr. Valance's place...we need it for the wedding!

    Hawk *LOL*