Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Thats The Last Damn Stick!!

All done at long last! Thank the Lord. Still we can burn the lot this winter! What fun! What larks we will have!

Sounds like Billy Bunter!
I`ve taken this week off work, they can blunder on without me, the weather is looking better, and I can get the horse out and about. Poor thing.

I was writing a sequel to Grady. I have scrubbed it, and will wait for some misguided inspiration. probably happen while out riding the range! (Usually)
I have noticed of late some really good posts from the usual suspects, its always good to read others written thoughts, it gives a more balanced view on life in general. A sort of, steadying influence.
When things are`nt going your way, its so nice to hear of others, and how they have dealt with their problems and tribulations.
However, since I have finished chopping all the bloody wood, I will need to look for another satisfying way of releasing pent up frustration, there is nothing quite like the....Thwack! Of axe on wood! A pleasure to be savoured many times, I tend to think of people who need brought back into the fold! So to speak! Those that we know, but cant tell them how we feel, as the truth would be far to hard for them to take!
Ahh well! Must go and walk the dogs. As you can see from the photo, the sun is shining, long may it do so.


  1. wow that is a lot of future heating. Hope that you did not have to hand cut them in to sections, and that you at least had a chain saw.

  2. OMG! Lol! No! Had a chainsaw. I do this each spring and summer. But even that lot, and there is quite a lot out of view! Took some time, of they need splitting, and thats how i get myself fit for the riding season, lost nearlt 2 stone doing this and eating a little bit more sensibly!(No cream cakes! Butter etcHow incredibly dull!)

  3. Looks like too much work for this ol' boy. But sounds like the exercise did you some good. I need to follow your example but I hate the part about cutting out the sweets.

  4. yeah! Know what you mean, but needs must. The exercise is fine, but its the pain the next day! Everything hurts, even places I didnt think I had!

    Is that a sign of age?Or is the need for a small libation? Valance?

  5. It's a sign of both, Cheyenne. Now if you're all done chopping wood, I expect you'll be needing a hand with the libating.

  6. Too lte! I`ve got the hangover now!
    But if your passing?