Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Food of the Gods

Its a little after 11pm, and its raining outside……I`m not one for late night snacks etc. But tonight?………………………..Tonight! 


Earlier today I had been to the Supermarket, you know the one? “Every little helps?” Well any way, there on the discount shelf, suitably reduced from £7.00, to £3.00 something, was a trio of Fillet steaks!…………. Now! Being of sound mind and not wishing the steaks to go to some Neanderthal! I rescued these little beauties, and whisked them home!   But not before?……………………Now! One needs to have a little something to imbibe with these pearls, so I perused the wine aisles, and lo! To mine eyes there did appear in all its glory, a fine bottle of a juicy Rioja Crianza!  Ah! my soul was soothed, and I made away to partake of this Ambrosia!


I gently seared each steak for several minutes on each side, in melted Butter, and then I rested these medallions of my affection! While the beef rested, I poured the fine Rioja into a cut glass goblet of fine proportions. I cannot in all honesty continue to describe the enjoyment to my taste buds, nor the sensual awakening of my  stomach to this food of The Gods! So there I will leave it, please dont pity me, in truth, my sated body doth lay recumbent upon the cloud that passes for pleasure.


  1. Mouth watering all over my keyboard . . .

  2. Hmmm, now I'm absolutely famished, thanks for that! But seriously, thankyou for the comment on my blog, I am mulling things over...