Wednesday, July 14, 2010



Thought I`d put this up, this is my heroine, a 9 year old mare. This is her during the recent trip across the Cheviot Hills. These hills straddle the border between Scotland and England. They were the scene of many battles and the home of some most notorious miscreants!

These hills have been fought over, argued over and generally been the place where thieves, brigands and other fortune hunters have thrived!

Nowadays its a paradise for riders, although there arent many who do. Over here Trail Riding isnt the “thing” its the show jumping, dressage and all other arena type stuff. Its such a shame! There cant be anything more satisfying than having a horse you can ride with confidence, over any terrain. We call it “Hacking out”. Thats the general term. But the skills required to do this are many, and varied, from coping with vehicles, gates,rivers,ditches, logging machines, etc the list goes on! I`m probably talking to the converted, but this horse does the lot! Then she carries me as well!

Not to put too finer point on it, she was worth all the effort, time and patience to get to this stage. Oh? And by the way, Gracie is no slouch in the speed stakes either! But dont tell her that!


  1. She's a lovely grey! What's her breeding?

  2. Hi Funder! Welcome to the blog!
    Gracie is irish Draft x Thoroughbred. Although not sure which bit! She has a fantastically soft temperament, but when asked for speed, the TB bit comes in!

  3. Thank you, I think so, but its nice to here it from other horsey friends!

  4. Love Gracie's coloring. I don't have a horse, but I have done some horseback riding - just recently in the southern Sierras of California.

  5. Hi Ron, Thanks, she is a lovely colour. I sold her sister recently, and that horse is Eventing here in the UK

  6. Cor! She's lovely, why didn't you say? I've always had a thing about greys, anyway, despite the hard work keeping them clean.

  7. I never said, `cos I never do, it somehow is`nt that important. Gracie happens to be grey, her sister was grey, he foal is almost grey, what can I say? I love greys!

  8. Gracie is very pretty. And I bet your country is wonderful for trail riding. Those show people don't know what they are missing.

    On our vacation this past week, we got on the steep side of a hill. One of those I don't like to look down on. I found myself wishing I was on my first horse, my sure footed Blue gelding. Then I scolded myself. My little mare, Windy, was 100% confident. When we turned on the downhill to make our way back, she had the most awesome pivot. Yes, our trail horses have just as guts, courage and athletism as those show ponies! :)

  9. If not more so! Yes its a real buzz trail riding, my horse helps me! She is brave and not easily intimidated.

  10. Hey Chey...

    Omg, Gracie is beautiful! ah, a "fantastically soft temperament"...why that describes all us Irish girls doesn't it? LOL

    She is a beauty!