Saturday, July 24, 2010

Reflections: Sunny`s update.



This is Sunny, I know! I`ve posted her before. However, she has changed colour again, I find this fascinating, and as you can see at 15 months old, she is muscling up nicely. She currently stands at 14.2hh. So I guess she will make a good 15+hh.

I have started a more intensive ground work schedule, as she started to show boredom with the present easy does it routine. At first she enjoyed the casual steady away approach, but then she would play up, so now having increased the amount of work, she is revelling in it!    A clever horse, no doubt, I have already had her saddled!!!! I have`nt been on her back (obviously).  But the rope halter I use all the time, has been replaced, occasionally, by a small Bosal. I am using this to aid and re-inforce the “whoa”. And I have to say, it seems to be working nicely. Apart from this, we are playing with the long lines, and although she accepts them she does`nt quite like me to be too far behind her, perhaps this is her still being insecure?    But getting back to the saddling, I was really amazed at this, it was while saddling Gracie, that the notion took me.

I was in the paddock, and had saddled Gracie, and after her work out, I had returned to the paddock.  I rode in, and found Sunny, walking close beside us. At the trot, she easily stayed with us, finally I dismounted, and carefully unsaddled Gracie, and placed the saddle onto Sunny, cinched her up!

Sunny never moved, she looked at it all, and bare in mind here, she had never had anything resembling a saddle or cinch on her. I took care when cinching up, it was at this point, that the muppet doing the saddling up, realised he had`nt haltered the foal!!!!!!!

With a mild worry occurring, I gently  slipped a rope from the saddle, and looped it over Sunny`s neck, she was fine, unbelievably she did`nt  show any stress or  need to rush off!

I walked her around for about 3-4 minutes, whoa`d her and quietly unsaddled her. Stroking her withers, she walked off. To say the least I was dumbfounded, but since then she has taken a saddle 4 times now, and with no problems.  To think I was going to sell her!  I dont think so!


  1. Had your heart well and truly melted, Cheyenne.

  2. OMG, Chey, don't you dare sell her....she's a keeper for sure.

    Horses like her don't come around that often! And such a beautiful horse and smart...Don't you dare sell her or I'll be over there to box you're ears! Ya' hearin' this Irish lass?

    I couldn't believe she had no holter and didn't run off the minute you saddled her for the first time WITH A CINCHING...OMG, would love to seen how you would have caught her if she had...ROTFLOL

    Great post Chey!
    Big hugs Cowboy!

  3. I have no idea, how I would have caught her, had she taken off on me!! Its a paddock, so called, actually nigh on 30 acres!!!
    Sunny is not for sale, she was before, but not now, your right valance, she has. The years do pass, an` if I was to be truthful, I know less now about horses than when I started. I understand more, but know less. There is too much for anyone person to know, they are really awesome creatures!

  4. I'm really liking this Sunny horse! Anxious to follow her progress!

  5. I know what you mean about knowing less about horses every year - they continue to delight, surprise and teach me!

    She seems like a real sweetheart - very cute, too!

  6. Hi Tammy, Hi Kate. Its true, she has become an entirely different horse to the one some months ago. I will update on her progress, as she is delightful to handle, theres not a bad bone in her body, the same character and disposition as her mother.
    Calm, unruffled and if truth be told, as laid back as all hell! But then thats what I want! A real good Trail horse.

  7. Thanks. Enjoyed reading this. She's obviously one in a million.

  8. She's a very pretty Appy! Sounds like a keeper, too.

  9. Yep! Your right, I found myself this week turning down an offer for her, to surprise!
    We were long reining along a country road, low traffic volume. We were approached by a neighbour,who owns a nearby farm. he stated his interest, but I actually declined. I must be getting soft!

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