Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Down Came the Rain! (again!)


Now this was today! Just another shower!


If this isnt enough, watch this!


This is coming off the roof!


Flooding at the front door.


This is Teddy! “Let me in!”

Its been like this for days, non stop rain, never mind, it could be worse?


  1. Yes, it could be worse! But what is up with all these weather anomolies? Sure wish we could all get a break! (Let the cat in! :)

  2. Hi Tammy! I did, he is lying by the stove!
    I truly dont know whats going on with the weather just lately. I have sorta given up right now, been tryin` to get out on that mare of mine, but this wet weather isnt really condusive to riding?
    But tomorrow morning there is supposed to be a break! Yeah right!

  3. Sometimes it's just time to rest - we'll get our turn in the middle of the winter with the snow, cold and ice.

  4. Kate? Dont say things like that! We couldnt get out of the stables for 3 weeks last winter! The ice was awful! OMG! what have we got to look forward to?

  5. Maybe it's time to start thinking about building that ark.

  6. Cheer me up why dont you!!!Lol.

    Your right, I`ll go an` get some timber tomorrow, maybe a few 4x2`s!

  7. What crazy weather! I hope the horses know how to swim.

  8. Well drat it all....blame the rain! Just think of all thr GO your fine steed will have~next time you saddle up!
    Hang your kitties face!

  9. Thats the trouble! The do swim, and yes, when she doesnt get out, she rides like a speed machine!!! Bags of energy, and ears shut!

  10. Took my grandson up above the timberline today and we ran into some snow. He is five and said, "this is very cool." We have had a very cool, weather wise, summer here in Laramie --45 miles from Cheyenne.


  11. Hey! OGR, the weather has been really odd this year all round the world. That Jet stream thing, thats the culprit! Or so the weather men are saying, next week it`ll be the Cat in the Hat!