Saturday, August 14, 2010

Future Adventure!



The post came today, while that doesnt ordinarily excite me, today was different!   A couple of days ago, I had been trawling the web. Not just looking for anything in particular, but a sort of ramble in the dark! I had typed in the letters OS, and before I had typed anything else, the words had jumped into the vacant space. Now I had the words, “OS Maps”.  I do use these maps, especially the 1:25000 scale. But I normally buy them at some shop or other.

Clicking onto the symbol, “Map Shop”, I found that there was a system for creating your own map, of any particular area, within the UK. So, my mind a-buzz!  I began looking.  There have always been various places in the UK, where I have enjoyed sports and other entertainments!

As an ex-mountaineer, I have always had a passion for the Highland areas. Having typed in the words “Ben Mc Dhui”, up popped a small square window, inside was the central point of the search. This mountain has always been a favourite of mine.  The map is available in 10km square, and the place name picked is used as the central point of your map. This is an ideal situation, as the map you make can be for a specific walk, ride, hike or what have you. There is no need to buy a full map, with areas on it you wont want!

Slightly more expensive, about double the normal price, but includes P&P. Fantastic. Also it arrived the next day! Couldnt believe it. So there we are, my next adventure, a trip through or over the Cairngorms on horse back! Now that I have said it, I`m committed, bloody hell!

The Ranger service in the Cairngorm NP, have been excellent, there are no horse restrictions, however they do warn against certain areas, which I will note.     By the way, the map cover can be designed by you, and I was impressed by the quality, also available is waterproofing.  I`m off now to order a one for the Lake District.

PS…….The rain has stopped!

Photo by Andy Howell, used under Creative Common Licence


  1. Very interesting map idea, and that ride sounds excellent - I've never been to the Highlands but they're definitely on the list.

  2. Looks really inviting. I hope you get the same weather that's in the picture. But I guess the weather doesn't come with the map. Great service, by the way.

    I've kept my maps of the UK and get them out sometimes just to revisit old times and places. I've been to Scotland a few times, but have never been able to get farther north than Ft. William and Inverness. Would love to see more of the Highlands before I'm gone.

  3. I thought I'd left a comment here earlier today, but maybe it got lost in cyber space. I said something to the effect that from the picture, it looks very inviting, and I hope you get the same weather.

  4. That ought to keep you busy for a while Cheyenne. And you won't believe this but... not only has the rain stopped, it's actually a nice day out there today... so far.

  5. Kate,Ron, & Valance, thanks for the positive comments. Its always good to hear from you all. If any of you are in the neighbourhood? I`ll be glad to ride with you.

  6. This sounds really interesting. Are you suffering from loads and loads of flies this year, though? They are driving my horse crazy this year whereas they don't normally bother him. I have never seen so many.

  7. The flies have been very bad this year, too many for comfort, and to try and swat!