Thursday, October 14, 2010

Where The Heart Is.


I was thinking back to rides I have done this year, and how time moves on. In the blink of an eye, we are older, not necessarily wiser, but the world still turns. In this photo I was on one of the best long rides I have done for a while. The weather was perfect, company was good, and time stood still! Which when you think about it, is a contradiction in terms.  Living only an hour or so away from these hills, is a blessing, but it can also torment me. They lye across the top of England, and stretch into the Border country of Southern Scotland. There is very few, if any people living there, fantastic riding country.


I was getting quite wet here, in fact, I was soaked right through!Lol! Whats more riding on a slope!  But despite all this, it was a great day, any day on horse back is great!  I was asked recently, why there are no photos of me, I guess the answer is, I am kinda shy.


I`ve used this one before, but it always reminds me of why I ride, just look at the wide open spaces. No cows! But what the hell! Roll on summer!!!!


  1. You've got some beautiful trails there - wish I lived closer!

  2. Thanks Kate! Its truly great, but in all things, its always under threat. It was with great relief, that in 2006 the Right to Roam Act was enacted in the UK, which rights to all people to access all land!

  3. So beautiful! Green and cloudy, how cool.

  4. You look like you should be riding here. You'd fit right in. We always need an extra hand : )

  5. Great pics. Isn't that Sir Walter Scott country? Or am I holding the map upside down again?

  6. CCC? That was one real nice comment. Thank you, and if you do need a hand? I have always hankered after the plains.
    Ron, yes it is Sir Walter`s area, from the Eildon hills to the Pennines. Your holding the map the right way!

  7. I enjoy your photos. Your countryside is beautiful. Must be from all that rain.

    I check in for every post but still can't get around the firewall at work to comment, so sometimes late in commenting, but still here.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous, green countryside! But you have to deal with all that rain to get all that green...give and take.