Friday, October 15, 2010

Autumn!……& Things Going on.


Well?….Everything is turning gold, well not everything, but to be sure the onset of Autumn has happened finally! The pic above shows the River Milk, near where I live. We have had the arrival of this years Tups! Ugly Buggers are`nt they?


There`s a few more than them, but they were all being jagged. Come the end of this month, they`ll be let loose in among the unsuspecting Ewe`s!  Poor sods! Still thats farming.


And finally! She stands aloof! At feeding time, this was her today! Gracie, my mare! A complete Bitch of the first order, (when feeding time comes,) leader of the small herd, and all round horse. Needing a new set of shoes, and a good grooming!


  1. First sheep I've seen in a while. I grew up knowing this breed as Cheviots. Is that what you call them? These look young for males.

  2. Hi Ron, no these sheep are Texel crosses, and they stand around 3 feet tall!The Cheviot sheep are slightly smaller over here, and are kept on much higher ground, as their feet suffer greatly on constantly wet ground.

  3. Quite the eager looking crew.

    But I suppose one can't blame them. Just getting caught up on your blog, looks like there has been some lovely, if wet, riding.

  4. Yep! It has, but to be truthful, it doesnt really matter, its always wet!

  5. My husband was in a very serious accident involving a yearling heifer, a cowboy horse, and a rope. He got a ride in the air-ambulance helicopter to a big city hospital. His face was kicked in and his chin hanging by a thread. I was there when the nurse asked him if he was alergic to anything. He only said one word. . .
    Sheep. I laughed but the nurse didn't get it.

    I've always thought I would like sheep. My Auntie Cienwen had a herd of sixty, all with names, so they tell me. But I'm definitely married to a COWboy.

  6. Hell! Thats some injury, shame about the sheep thing!
    Having said that, there are 500 on this farm, that doesnt include the lambs, from spring gone, and the first year ewes. I dont particularly have a fondness for them, but cattle here are mostly brought up in lairages and byres. Its getting kind of serious when there isnt the land for cereals and feed and grazing? But we still graze milk cows, just!

  7. Very nice picture, Cheyenne. We're having a lovely time here in North Florida. It's finally cooling off. I think I even see a leaf or two fixin' to turn.

  8. Hi Johnny! Havent heard from you for a while, how`s it goin`?

  9. Gracie looks great!

    Your fall colors look a lot like ours. I'm not looking forward to what follows such beauty.... :(

  10. I meant to say that Gracie looks great, too. Enjoy seeing shots of her.