Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Shoes & Blue Sky!!

The frost hit this morning! YeeHa!   Good dry cold frost, the sun was out and the sky was blue. What more can you ask!


Unfortunately, the Cornflowers took a hit with the first frost, I`m sure they`ll be back next spring.  But today wasnt about frost, although it was reportedly snowing up in Inverness!

Today was about New Shoe`s, and a Pedicure! Let me explain, Ninian the Farrier was due today, he arrived fresh as a daisy, and ready to do battle with my lot!


I always have the horses hot shod, you get a better fit, and they tend to stay on longer, plus I always have two toe clips per shoe.


DSCF1010 DSCF1006

Gracie first, dont need to tie her, she just stands! As long as there is some hay!!!!lol! 


A good clean hoof, and a nice fit.


Even the bold Barney, had a new set, thats me, the Shadow! Poor Sunny, and Bob, had to settle for a working Trim, and a pat on the bum!  As you can see, its fairly warm today, despite the frost this morning. As is also apparent, my horses need a good brush!!!


  1. I can't believe it, it was -2 this morning. My horses are still out but hinting they'd like to be in. It was beautiful when I rode out in the afternoon, though.

  2. Thanks for the photo essay. Good to see a man who seems to enjoy his work!

  3. Thanks Ron, nice to hear from you again.

  4. I am a townie, and always wonder if the horse feels the pain whn you put the shoes on him.

  5. The horse feels nothing, other than the knock of the hammer on the shoe. However, all the nails are curved one way, this is to cause the nails, when they are driven into the hoof wall, to come to the outside of the hoof.

    Unless the Farrier is totally careless, then the horse is ok,