Sunday, November 21, 2010

Between the Rain!

Cally Woods 12 2010 013

The forecast was for rain by the afternoon, so off we went.  The route was a designated horse route, in the Galloway Region, near Gatehouse of Fleet.  A fine little ride, hardly ever used, and in need of more riders.

Cally Woods 12 2010 011

As you can see this route is open and relatively well managed, but no one else about! 

Cally Woods 12 2010 016

Of course there is the ubiquitous water crossing! This  is Barney, a fine little Cob. 6 Years old, and not afeared of anything.

Cally Woods 12 2010 002

All done, sorry, not too many pics, got a new camera, and still getting used to it!

Time for tea and biscuits! Thats Annie, with the tea cup, she rides, brings the tea, soup and the friendliness of the Scots!

Cally Woods 12 2010 021

This little lady? Our youngest rider, and riding  22 year old mare.


  1. Gorgeous ride! I love the old mare's face - that's so unique.

  2. Looks like a great ride despite the rain. Love that beautiful pony your daughter is riding...they look so cute together!

  3. Your trail looks so much like "my trail!" Looks like you beat the rain. Good for you!!

  4. Looks like a fine ride. I see your company is exclusively female? That by chance or choice?

  5. Hi Ron,Gtyyup!.....The little girl with the unusual pony, I am afraid isnt my daughter. She is my friends Granddaughter!Lol.

    The fact that I usually ride with females, is because they are predominantly the horse people! here its ladies that ride, men occasionally.

  6. Wish I were there with you - looks like a fabulous ride!

  7. Looks like a good ride, what sort of distance? I think it's essential to regularly use every route available to us, so they don't get snatched back by the local council. Oooh, I like the comment that the girl is your daughter!

  8. AT? How are you? The rode wasnt too long, about 2 hours. Yes the comment about "my daughter" I had too laugh.

  9. That's what I get for reading too fast with out enough coffee ;~) I read "our youngest" and thought in my head it was daughter...missed the "rider" part!!!

  10. You are well and truly forgiven!! Lol! Would that she was, a lovely girl great manners, and an excellent rider!!

  11. Hey Cheyenne -- I have been away too long. Looks like a great ride and the 22 year old mare maybe I could still ride. We are covered with snow here, not good for riding. Do they make snowshoes for horses.

  12. THOSE are the bestest rides of all...trails-in-NEED-Of-Riders-(that made me chuckle) and one that YOU are the sole man and those with you, bring such a bounty of friendship and GOODIES too!!!
    Laugh at the rains, I say!

    Neat-o- a new camera!

  13. That looks like a nice area to ride. If there are several days of trail rides then I may get up there now that main trail riding accomplice is buying a new lorry.

    I remember a young farmer who was proud to tell me that his oldest working horse was 28 - older than his wife.