Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Rig.

Just thought I would fill in today, show you the rig I use to get me and the horses about. Thats the “Jolly Roger!” (The Jeep) attached is a two horse bumper pull trailer. Takes two 17 hand horses. Easy to tow, and built like a ”Brick s****house!” 

at the gate 003

The Jeep has a V6 3,0 litre Diesel engine, good puller, and not to bad on the fuel!

at the gate 004

The inside, breast and tail bars, ramp loading.

at the gate 011

Barney looks lost in there!

at the gate 013

So there we are, a quick run down.

at the gate 001

Bye bye!………….Ya`ll come back now!


  1. I wish I could hear you say "Y'all come back now." You can talk Southern for me and I can do my Doctor Who impression for you, then we'll both die laughing.

    That's a nice setup for America - I"m sure you are the king of the roads over there!

  2. My God! You were quick on the reply! I cant do Southern!, I can hardly do Scots! Also have trouble speaking English!Lol!!!
    I would dearly love to here your Doctor Who! So do you watch the shows?
    I`m not king of the road!! Come on, compared to those really beautiful American Rigs? I almost bought a second hand American rig over here. Trouble was, the roads are to damn small! Wouldnt be able to get in and out of parking areas!!!!

  3. I just sat down with my coffee right as you posted. ;)

    Oh yeah, I'm a big fan. Can't wait for Christmas! I'm surprised I like the new Doctor so much but I really do - last season was pretty awesome.

    A Jeep Cherokee is good enough to pull that little trailer. A full-ton pickup really is overkill for a 2 horse straight BP... don't feel bad at all!

  4. Coffee? I would kill for some! Too much to do, looking after neighbours horses this week!
    We tend to be stuck between a rock and a hardplace, when it comes to trailers. The max weight we can pull, is designated by the tow vehicle, for instance, that Jeep, is only plated to tow upto 3 and half tons. Thats it! After that we need different licences,etc. I like the new Dr, but have always been a fan of the late William Hartnell, the first one!

  5. Nice set-up - one of the ladies at our barn has a trailer like that - they're uncommon in the US but very practical. I have a huge 4-horse gooseneck slant-load, and correspondingly huge Ford F-350 with dual rear tires and an 8-foot bed - I used to do a lot of long-distance (1,000 miles each way) hauling and needed the power and capacity. I don't really need that big a rig (it's 55 feet from the nose of the truck to the end of the trailer) - I rarely need to carry four horses or three plus a week's worth of hay. The truck is a diesel and rated to pull 20,000 pounds. But on the open road, it's great to drive - plenty of power and stability. I'd like to trade to get a smaller trailer and truck, but due to the age of my rig I'd lose money, so I guess I'll just keep what I've got!

  6. And there`s me, wanting a bigger rig! Its the living section I really need, and maybe a shower, perhaps a toilet, Oh! and of course a bed for two? Then I`d need a .............. Sorry! "If wishes were horses, then Beggars would ride!"
    Sounds like a real nice rig you`ve got, I`ve just gone Green!

  7. My husband loves Tom Baker, but I can't get in to old TV. I never watched DW before the Eccleston reboot - I am one of those New Who fans. Shameful, I know! ;)

    I think my Dream Trailer would be a 2h slant gooseneck with tiny living quarters. Easy to tow, steer, park. Of course I'd need a nice diesel 1-ton to go with it... and $$$$ for maintenance... I need to win the lottery!

  8. You and me both! Trouble is, every body else seems to win it bar me!!

    Any how the Tea is on, Dumplings and Minced beef, with carrots!!Yummeeeee!
    Kate mentioned a lady before, that had a similar trailer to mine. The one in the photo is an "Ifor Williams" trailer.There not to pricey, at around £4000, GBP.

  9. Hey Funder! Tom Baker, is OK! Great fellah, met him some years ago, while on holiday. He was chatting to a rather nice waitress, I couldnt help but notice him!

  10. Interesting Cheyenne. Looks like an awful lot of hard work, too.

  11. Hey Valance!.......Yep sure can be, but its all part of the game.

  12. I like there are little windows in front for the horses to see where they're going...

  13. A Jeep that runs on diesel? I don't think they make them for marketing over here. Just gas burning Jeeps.

    Is your trailer steel or fiberglass? The fiberglass hasn't caught on over here but would certainly require less of a towing vehicle.

    I think you know what I pull & drive as I have shared it before. Fun to see other rigs, as well.

    No coffee here. It's about 10 PM. I just finished a bowl of ice cream with (none other than) Irish Cream poured over the top. Cheers!

  14. Hi Tammy, its got a Galvanised steel bed. Aluminium from, aluminium partitions with multibonded walls and all partitions can be collapsed form the outside, in the event of a wreck.
    The ramp is aluminium, with friction coating. The floor is aluminium sheet, with heavy duty ribbed rubber mats. Its a good piece of kit, the firm do single horse, pony types, and carriage driving trailers. Lovely to hear from you!

  15. Haha! What Funder said...wish I could here that too(hey-make a small video with your new camera!)

    That is a great looking rig! I do love those types of trailers, theyb are around here in the US but hard to sell to us Americans.
    I usually don't like a straight rider, But that would be what I got if I had too...they are so large!

    You take care as well, and keep the news a comin'!

  16. Barney does look lost in there. LOL

  17. RR? The more I look the more I realise, he should travel in a shoebox! He`s only 14.2hh!!!

  18. Nice little outfit. I wondered what you would use to haul horses there.

  19. I have to mention~
    When i show up here...it makes me smile to see your world over
    Gracie's tossled mane and marbled grey ears!

    Thanks for the compliment..and you totally inspired me all over again to do what I dreampt of doing...writing and layering it upon my photographs, in cards~


  20. AHS, I am glad to help. You`ve got the talent, its there!