Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tea Time! In the Snow?

Its here, its finally here! The earliest for 17 years! So the Weathermen say!

Of course others in the East of the country have got it bad, but we here in the West, have only a smattering to worry about!


“Yes? You got a problem?……Its my tea, so go away!”

As you can see it is only a light dusting! Hardly worth the bother, if it wasnt for the fact that the daytime temps were only –2 degs!  So having fed the little monsters!!!!!


“You cant see it! But I can!”…..There was a Fox Hunt going on near us today, thats what she is so intent on watching, all I could hear was the hounds baying in the distance!


“ Cant hear a damn thing! Not interested, got things to eat!”


  1. Yall abandoned the noble Fahrenheit scale, didn't you? I forgot that and thought it was -2F, which is ridiculously cold. -2C is still pretty cold though. My sympathies, but at least the snow is pretty!

  2. Lovely pictures. We've had about 6 inches here today in Derbyshire. The plan was to go showjumping tomorrow, but I can't see it, somehow!

  3. Funder, everyone else has adopted the centigrade table, but not me!!! Trouble is, all the temps here, given by the weathermen, are in centigrade!

    But for today and for the future it shall be Fahrenhiet,, 28F!!

    AM, thats sounds cool. We are expecting some heavy falls by Tuesday and Wednesday.

  4. A lot of frost, but none of the white stuff here yet Cheyenne. Bloody cold though. I don't know what the temperature was, but I was almost minus two when I went out this morning.

  5. The first snowfall is a welcome surprise. Even a real cold snap. Puts you in mind of hot chocolate and a fire...Enjoy the novelty while it lasts.

    I've been fox hunting on foot (not horseback) and it's a sure way to come home footsore and empty-handed.

  6. Brrrr. You beat us with the white stuff. I went rding today! 52 F!!

  7. Love the pictures, I especially love your black pony. We've had some very cold days here in the hills, -2 F before the wind chill, I dread thoose days work always seems a little bit harder!

  8. Hi Ron, Becks and Tammy! The black pony? he is a Fell Cob, 6 year old. Good sort, and easy to do.
    The cold snap? Well its here, so as its nearly Christmas all the better.

  9. 'Hi Ron, Becks and Tammy!'

    Hey Cheyenne, I got feelings, y'know.

  10. Hey valance!!!! Sorry!Lol!!

  11. S'ok Cheyenne.

  12. A lil' bit of white always makes it look pretty.

    We're finally just a freezing, so the ponies stayed outside last night. But the snow is melting and flooding into the barn...grrrrr...

    It's supposed to be back down to the low 20's and high's in the low 30's. I'd rather have that than the gosh awful rain!

    That is Fahrenheit ;~)

  13. I've never heard of Fell Cobs. I love the look of yours though and he has hearing like my cowboy's, selective.