Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sunday Stills.

Robin 001

So here he is.  Robin Redbreast. taken from the kitchen window.

Robin 004

Mr Chaffinch.


  1. Do the robins stay there all winter? Here, they are heralds of spring. You got some lovely photos!
    Instead of starting a new Sunday Stills in the UK, why not just get everyone interested in participating in this one? We have contributers from all over the world. It's easy, just go to the blog Sunday Stills and check out what the next challenge is, then do your post so that is is up on the next Sunday, and leave a comment in the comment section on the Sunday Stills blog that your post is up, so that everyone can see it.

  2. Thanks Shirley! Will try it and see what happens.
    Thanks WilsonC

  3. The Robins here are an alround bird, stay the whole year!

  4. Birds quiet here lately. Every morning at dawn there's a flock of pigeons doing an aerial ballet that goes on and on, and then they all quit at the same time, coming in for a landing on the power lines behind the house. Your robin has a different coloring from the ones here - breasts completely covered in red. Yours looks sweeter and more like a song bird. Thanks for all the pics today.