Sunday, December 05, 2010

Winter Feed.

Hay & Feed 009
Counting the Hay bales today. Making sure we have enough for the sheep, and the horses!  I wonder who that is?
Hay & Feed 005
Hay & Feed 004
All the troughs were frozen again today, mind you at –7deg C there is bound to be some ice!!!
But breaking open the water troughs when there is 7 to do and the pipes are all frozen, does present a problem!! So it looks like we`ll be tractoring in the water from now on!


  1. Lucky for me the pipes haven't frozen yet, But my electric heaters keep blowing the fuse, looks like I'll be breaking open tanks all winter.

  2. Hope things are`nt too bad!

  3. Thankfully we haven't had any frozen pipes. My Man replaced a couple of frost free hydrants that had gone bad, so that seemed to help. The tank heaters are goin' strong.

    Good thing you've got a back up plan!