Saturday, February 05, 2011

A Ladies Eye on Things!!

I have often  wondered, are women really multi taskers?  Well today I had the answer!! Look at the picture and tell me what she is thinking, and doing!!!!!!!!

Feb Farrier 2011 016

This little “Tyke”, couldnt keep herself away from the hoof trimmings!

Feb Farrier 2011 014


This is all so “Passe!”  I have much better things to do!

Feb Farrier 2011 003


My! oh! My!……..Quick look away! ……Dont want him to see me looking at that butt! Whew!!

Feb Farrier 2011 013

A day in the life of us, the lady isnt my wife!  No, she came along and just held the horse!  That horse, is Cherry, a bit of a rescue horse, when got it had virtually no hoofs, it looked like a hat rack, and was a bolshi mare! Now?  Well, look at her, not in the least bit bothered! 

Hopefully I`ll get out ridin` soon, once the bloody rain and gales have abated!


  1. Love your caption on the last picture. I'm sure that's what she's thinking!

  2. Drinkin' coffee, watching the man work (not his butt, mind you!) Yep, she's got an easy job. (Although I find holding the horse for the farrier one of the most boring horse jobs!)

    Good pics!

  3. Girl should be paying attention to the horse, not the farrier's butt! Lol!

  4. Nice to see your home on the range, Cheyenne.

  5. HAR!!! Too blame funny catching her catching the hind side view!
    Yea..we got the gales now too...tried to ride out today and got such a surprise..NO-GO from the mare as the rains pelted us...she thought is was AWEFUL of me!Told me off bit time. survived..and she too!

    Here's to getting on the horses soon!

  6. That farriers tool box was very interesting to me. I haven't seen one like it. I shall have to look up Bolshoi horses too. Nothing like a good farrier, is there?

  7. No your dead right! But the box is his, home made and very suitable.