Monday, February 28, 2011

A Lope Down memory Lane.

Its, well its 2pm Monday 28 February 2011. I say this because today is a great day!   I happened to be flicking between the news on channel 3, and channel 5. Then all of a sudden, my day was completed!  “Monte Walsh”. 

I ain`t never seen this film since about `86, an` then some! `Twas the Lee Marvin version, great actor, an`he kinda laid out the idea in ma head.  Left me a big problem. I sort`a  solved it later on,  but not fur some time. Maybe tell ya one day.

Anyhow, I was lookin` at the tv, and watchin` the 2000 an`3 version, I was a little pissed off, `specially as the  Tv mag had advertised it as the Marvin one. But I was slowly brought round, as I watched that there Isabella  Rossellini  shimmy across the screen!  Shee-it!  She kinda sets my ol` heart a flutter!

So ma day was made, an` I set down an` took it all in, ol` Bill Devane ? He done good as the Range Manager, had plenty of presence.

Overall? Well I`m a sucker for Marvin, but Rossellini? She did it for me, so did her mother!   How time flies, an` what we miss.


  1. Mother as well, huh? All's well that ends well, Cheyenne. It might interest you to know that TCM is showing episodes of Rawhide and Bonanza this week (Tuesday - Friday)

  2. Yup! Sure would, be right along there!

  3. Ingrid Bergman, now there was a woman. (mother)

  4. Okay, now I get what the Hot Cocoa and shaved white Choc was about!
    I'm fixin' to post one Fer YOU!...My day was greatly helped, could'nt have known it them, because of your comment on the Cocoa!
    Sounds perfectly wonderful, your sit with the beautiful greats!
    LOVE,LOVE that new Header of you and your mare..."lookin' On" Awesome! It is cool when we are riding and the mount takes a gander at the world with you!

  5. It certainly is KK! It always seems to me, that when I`m out with her, we tend to see things that may need lookin` at. When I first got her, she was just 3 yearsold. I was told to keep her head straight, "dont let her look about!" But I never did, she can look where she wants, after all we are both out to enjoy the ride!

  6. That advice about not letting the horse look around doesn't work for me either. Ever since we were kids, we noticed how our horses enjoy checking out the view when out riding.

  7. I believe they do Susan, even when going on one of the nearby trail rides, ones they have done many times. They still like to look, and a horse that looks around, in my humble opinion is a safe horse.

  8. I bet I haven't seen Monte Walsh SINCE '86!

  9. Late entry but just spotted this - I LOVED the Lee Marvin Monte Walsh - really made a big impact on me and I've wanted to see it again ever since. I even decided I'd have a horse called Monte Walsh some day. Haven't yet - but there's still time. (I do have an Indiana Jones though...)

  10. Well GillyF? I`d never have guessed you were a "Monte" fan! More power to your elbow!
    Thanks for stoppin` by.