Friday, March 04, 2011

Trec Taster!

I have just finished washing that mare of mine! 3 Hours!  She is still as black as the night!   I`m sweating like a frog on a hot stove!  Knackered with this cold! Got more snot and gunge, than you can shake a hairy stick at!!

Anyway, I`m riding tomorrow, thats why all this effort, got a two hour  haul. But its for fun and it`ll get me back in the saddle.  I`ll post with pics after I get back.

This ride is a Comp: Le Trec. Orienteering on horseback, serious stuff! You try reading compass bearings and grid references from the back of an excited horse!!  Bloody good fun though! 


  1. TREC is the best fun I've ever had on a horse, I absolutely love it. I really need to work on my map reading skills, though. Have a good time.

  2. Have fun on your ride tomorrow. Most anxious to hear about it.

    And you know your horse will roll in mud tonight, don't you? LOL!

  3. Sounds like fun! I love the phrase "frog on a hot stove." Laughing...

  4. Sounds like a blast -- would love to do that! I'm down and out with the crud today myself, but I'd "cowboy up" to join you if I could!

  5. AM, Tammy, Annette and Chris.

    I had a visit from the Evil Shoe Fairy last night! Yes thats right, she had sprung a shoe, leaving nails to cut her hock. And as the shoe was partially still attached as she saw me she cantered over, and the shoe, together with a piece of her hoof wall landed at my feet!

    I am totally fed up with the start to this year, colds and flu, injury, lost shoes? What next! Plagues of locusts and frogs!!!

  6. I'm useless with a compass. I tend to use landmarks instead.