Tuesday, March 08, 2011

AllHorseStuff `s Personal Request!

mar06 018

Me an` Gracie with the flag.

march 006

march 010

marchesday06 015

This is taking “Snuff” at “The Hole in the Wa`” Ceremony. Urgh!!!This is the ” Cornet and his Lass”



marchesday06 025

Crossing the field Boundaries.

march 064

Leaving the town to Ride the Boundaries, its 7.45am!  On the Gala Day.

marchesday06 010

Only a few to see us off!

marchesday06 070

Me! Opening the Cornet`s Chase! (Horse Racing)

marchesday06 078

Thats the Cornet giving it some “wellie!”

march 041

Starting the afternoon parade.

marchesday06 004

Evening Finale. I`m on the Grey in the middle, no Flag now, had to give it back! Thats Gracie under me, she was 5 then! Covered 30 miles, 3 parades and done good!

The pics dont dont really do it justice, 35 Pipe Bands, 120 horses, and 4000 spectators!


  1. Pretty good going for a 5 year old - looks like fun!

  2. Looks amazing...

    I need to plan a trip to that side of the world some day.

  3. Very impressive! Great pictures, too. What is the history of this gala? And your uniforms? And the flag?

  4. This is fantastic, what a wonderful thing to take part in.

  5. Sounds like a tiring day - bet it was worth the effort though.

  6. Okay...you'll get a kick outta this....
    I'm on break, in a public place, its quiet....I read my comments again from the last post. I tap you're link at your comment-wanting to see if you'd answered me, in your comments. (you're so good about that!) Your blog opens..."A HA!" LOUDLY ESCAPES MY LIPS! Every one looks up at me, I'm sitting alone with my phone, in a restaurant! I apologize.
    Its always neat to be mentioned by a friend, in a "post"...but to be in the title, an honor! Thanks!

    Awesome! People talk about the"bucket list"...things tp do, before kicking it...riding with the Bagpipes! (didn't know it was on mine, till I saw you doing it!)

    That MUST have been thrilling. And so desensitizing...flags, pipes, parades!
    Gracie, wow...dark grey, young thing -she's such a neat mare. Loved the western & english shot and all of it. Wonderful photographer!
    Was the shoreside ride to then...cause you had the flash for that..or parades?

  7. Kacy? I loved your reply! I laughed when I opened the post from you! I can just see you sitting there!!!Lol.
    The season for all this is from June through September all over the Scottish Borders.

    The whole series of photos, from the beach ride through to the Bagpipes was all on the same day. Gracie, had to be gotten used to the flag, did that by borrowing one, from the organisers, and planting it outside her stable for a few days. The bagpipes was a tape of music played by Bagpipes again on a daily basis! My OH was doing her nut!
    But it still doesnt get the horse ready for the big day! The sounds, and all the horses, plus all the people, and flags etc! She done well! The following day, was a nice quite ride home, 9 miles along country roads. I had stabled her overnight with a friend. She was pooped! But i`ll say this for the lady, she has always been a really generous and consistent horse! She also loves the BIG Occasion!

  8. I love pipe bands. Gracie looks like a fine, steady horse. Love that dark grey too.

  9. Gracie can be seen on the Blog title page. She is the "nosey" one under me! She has lightened up this last year, and maybe even go lighter yet!

  10. Thanks for always being so "on it" with your responses.
    Something someone I know, that lives pretty darn FAR away from has said in the past0to me- "who's got some time on thier hands?"

  11. Splendid fellow!

  12. I wonder who said that??? Not me??Lol

  13. WooHoo! That's pretty cool. Thanks for sharing these pictures.

  14. RR, & Funder, your very welcome!

  15. oh your Gracie is a stunner, what a good girl to put up with all the parading too! you're in Scotland?? I'm in the wilds of Ireland with a big grey with a white face too! Hello! nice to follow along :-)

  16. Love to have you along for the ride! Harry too! Oh and bring the dog!Lol I do so enjoy the pictures on your blog. Are they yours? If so you have talent!! reminds me of the "Thelwell" Cartoons!!

    I see Harry is a Grey? I have two Greys, did have three, but I cant ride them all!!
    Incidentally, I was at Brenfield Trec, about two years ago, and bumped into two of your countrymen. Two ladies trying out Trec over here! They were great fun and did well.
    Thanks for coming along.