Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Lent?…………..On Who?

Its Pancake time again!…….Lemon juice, and sugar, all piled onto a thin soft golden yellow Pancake!  How exciting!  I shall of course be giving up many things for Lent! Here is a small list.

Excessive exercise.

Cheap whisky!

Healthy food!

That about covers it, I think? I`ll let you know how I get on! Oh! Hang on the wife`s off to the Supermarket!  “Sweetheart??… Dont forget that bottle of 25 yearold Glen Ord!”

(I did say cheap whisky? didnt I ?)


  1. Oh you are such a bad boy!

    I'm not giving anything up for lent. I did that for years and I've really out grown the practice. I'm older, probably wiser and figure at this point set enough in my ways, God will forgive me this one thing. LOL

  2. RR, I try!.....Being bad, is a lot better than being miserable and eating pulses and rabbit food,et al!

    Some one once said," If you put on weight, dont diet! get a bigger horse!"
    Now thats a sentiment I can admire, although I am a healthy 16 stone, its taken me years of butter and fresh cream to get me there! I dont want to give it up, not on your nellie!
    But as in all things, Moderation! My old mother once told me,
    "Son, if it looks good, tastes good and feels good, get stuck in!"

    Thats a thought that has kept me from being miserable!

    I love my shape! Sort of blobby! Lots of bits move, mostly in the wrong direction, but hell! Who cares? the horse dont, she jus` loves me for what I am, out of shape, gettin` older, slower, an` has a predilection for good sippin` Whisky!

    Your right! Give nothin` up, `cos one day, every thing will be given up! An` lets face it, we are a lot nearer the wrong end of gettin` fit! ROTFLOL!!!! Love ta hear from ya, take care!