Tuesday, March 29, 2011

As Promised!…..For One Old Cowgirl!


As you can see, this is it, Powder Milk in the hopper, water supply, (blue pipe) this is fed into a mixing tank. (See the next pic)


The mixing tank is middle bottom, the mixer is the blue motor on the left with a “whisker” into the tank. As the lambs feed from pipes led to the pens. The mixer comes on automatically as the volume of milk drops!  The white tubes to the bottom of the machine, right and left, are off to the lambs. There is a simple control panel, seen in the picture to the right and rear. The water into the machine is heated by electric supply to the sheds. Its been running now for days, no breakdowns and no clotting of the milk powder!  Temperature can be regulated. This also does calves too!!

Sorry for the slightly grainy pics, I was tired and had just been on the night shift with the sheep!!



  1. That's quite the contraption. We've mixed a lot of milk replacer for both calves and sheep in buckets. This looks like a better way to go.

  2. Susan?...It is! So less hassle! No carrying milk buckets about!!

  3. Thank you so much for that. What a super idea. Oh the work that would save, my goodness. I might be out of the loop but I have never seen such a thing in this country. I'm going to go looking and see if they make something similar here or in the US. I'm coming next spring during lambing and daffodils to Wales so maybe I'll see one at work there.