Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Horsey Post!

Finally!  A real horsey post!  So, the situation is one of lameness on the rear right lower leg.
There are no injuries, and no new abscess`s, the inflammation is above the fetlock, I hope the pics show it ok.
cherry 009
Leg that is lame, and shows the swelling.
cherry 004
Both legs: Swelling is really obvious, vet put her on box rest, but the owner hasnt got the stabling. So here she is!
cherry 005
“Sorry, I dont think you deserve a smile!”

cherry 002
Feeling sorry for herself! 


  1. She does look very swollen! Does the vet have any ideas? Is the tendon involved? Best wishes for a speedy recovery!!

  2. The general thinking is, tendon: although she may have twisted the fetlock.Dont know how? But horses are odd creatures and if there is a horse about? It will go lame!!!

  3. Cold hosing would help the pain and the inflammation.

  4. Ahhhh, a pretty bay. Nice to look at. Nasty swelling, though! She's in good hands.

  5. You are right Shirley. Tammy,thank you. She is quite subdued, and although eating, she is not herself. I suspect this injury is more than just a "tweak", but time will tell.

  6. Poor girl. I always feel sorry for them when they have to be on stall rest. Good luck to you all!

  7. Thanks Shoofly! I`ve also got another two horses up at the stables. Brought them up last night. Not just for company, but to get shod on Saturday.
    Also a little bit of company!!
    The Horse on stable rest, "Cherry", her leg has shown some improvement!!Today, while mucking out, I could clearly see the lines of the tendon sheath!! Where as before it was just one thickness of swollen leg!

  8. Aaw, poor horse - she doesn't look happy. Glad to hear the swelling is reduced a bit today.

  9. Hi Patsy! Thanks for dropping by! Yeah, the swelling has lessened, but the vet was here today, and had a good poke about!
    So we are keeping her in for another week!
    Thats if my stable walls can stand the destructive teeth!!!!!!

  10. Oh such a pretty horse...I feel bad she's is she feeling today? Any better?


  11. oh she'll be fine! she is in good hands!


  12. I have never had that said to me!...I feel honored! Leontien and Hawk? I thank you! BTW, there will be a follow up shortly on her leg!! Today she was out, just on the hard standing, on a lead rope, but she is really on the mend!