Thursday, April 07, 2011

“Cherry” Improves, Cause, & New Shoes.

Lambing is well on the way, in fact its down to the last 100 Ewes. That aside, here is the latest on the Patient!
cherry april 11 001
This is almost two weeks after the Lameness, and Box rest. You can see the left leg has significantly reduced swelling. Also notice the severe crack in the hoof? This happened 5 days ago. The hoof wall “erupted” with puss. Although the heat at times was insignificant, and thought to be due to Tendon issues. It transpired that that swelling, was caused by a “White Line” infection!
It was decided that due to her weak hoof walls and soft hoof overall, after the draining of the puss. That some “temporary” support was required. here is the answer.
cherry april 11 002
These shoes, will support the heel, and take pressure off the sole of the foot. Notice the Frog? It was also infected. She has had a raw deal!
cherry april 11 003
This is before the “Clenches” are turned down. It gives a better view of the damage. They will remain on for several weeks. A Resin/Patch, was applied after filing down to maintain strength, by keeping the crack from opening.
Cherry, will remain on a less restricted rest regime, and be allowed to take short walks, to start her rehab! Interestingly enough, after applying the shoes, it was noticed that the poor dear, had begun to relax her back. She is eating better today, and has shown demonstrably more activity! So hopefully, she is showing signs of being on the mend!!


  1. Hi saw your comment on the mule blog (sadly I haven't updated it for ages) do come and join us on the mule forum -

    Bit of an odd bunch on there (debatable if they were odd before or after mule ownership...!!) but generally quite friendly.

    We are also in SW Scotland and breed Appies and Criollos - other blog here -

    Off to have a good look at yours and admire your horses and other animals! Cheers, Laura

  2. Poor thing. Hopefully this is a sign she's on the trail to recovery. What a hassle to have foot/leg problems when you're a critter that pretty much lives on your feet and legs!

  3. Thats very kind Chris, thanks. laura, where abouts in SW Scotland, graitney?

  4. That was a pretty big infection! Hope it clears up completely for her.

  5. Cheyenne, have you ever visited this blog:
    It is a lady in SE England who has some very interesting information insight into horse soundness.

  6. Thanks Shirley!! Much appreciated. have logged on.

  7. My favourite farrier, Ian Zoerb, had a little trick with a horse shoe nail that he taps, very carefully, in sideways and works to hold severe cracks like that from spreading. He has done it on more than one of our horses and it works like a charm. It is shown on his blog here