Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Powerhouse!

“There are times when she can be a complete cow!….”  For those who dont know, or have never seen her, but heard of her, this is Gracie!
Then there are the  moments of complete understanding.  The times when, out riding, two feel as one. We  become a  complete unit, and as we ride along, time seems to become irrelevant, and before we know it, that time has gone.
Strange, that this animal can arouse such feelings within me. Passion,  love, anger, frustration and loss.

She can fly like the wind, hooves barely touching the ground, and then she can jog, on her toes! Shaking the very bones within me. She can be as smooth as a Rolls Royce, and as rough as a bumpy road!
To ride her, is to feel  anxious, excited, alert,  but most of all, expectant, and yet, calmness and with a  sense of trust.  
I have had her from the age of 3 years old.  Untrained and partially “broken”. Which when I look back was a good thing. It gave me time to learn, and to try to understand her mind.  Her temperament, was, and is to  die for, soft, kind, tolerant and thoughtful.
She has never been unkind to me, never hurt me deliberately, nor has she shown any signs of doing so.

I often see adverts for horses, such as, ”has three flowing paces”  or such. Gracie has`nt!!
She has a walk, it is neither slow or fast, but it covers the ground,  then there is the lope/canter!! And finally there is the Top end, full pelt, not a gallop, more of a steerable missile!! Lol!  Can she go!  I have said this before, when you ask for  gallop;  I have taught her, her one aid only for the gallop, …..   boy do you get it! Just hang on kid!
She hates soft ground, and Green Turnips. Loves Carrots, Molasses, and grain!  
Likes to hack out alone, or in company, she does`nt care! Can turn on a penny, can be stubborn and wilful! But then, thats horses all over!  She will pass any traffic at all, without fear, but will avoid puddles of water. She will plunge into rivers, and cross streams, but will sidestep a cow-pat! 
Gracie?……..A horse, but more than a horse.


  1. I love those dappled grays!

  2. What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful horse. You did an excellent job of conveying her personality. What a fun horse! And with her temperment -- worth her weight in gold. I know what you mean about the connection - I get that with Jackson and it can (and does) bring tears to my eyes.

  3. Such beautiful colouring. She sounds adorable. A perfect partnership with human and horse is a wonderful thing to have.

  4. I love that you were able to put into words the feeling you have for your good mare. You spoke from the heart.

  5. sounds like she has you well in hand... what a wonderful horse!

  6. I do believe you may well be right!!Lol.
    Welcome to the blog! Hope you tag along.

  7. Gracie just exudes character, both in your description, and in her photo.