Saturday, April 09, 2011

A Little “Me Time!” ………


“Sorry cant stop! Need to roll!”


“Oh Yeeesss!!!!!  You can see my friend too! Cherry, she has been let out! For good behaviour!!……..OMG! This is so good!”


“I`m out!! Leg all healed, been for a small ride today! No pain, no lameness, and hasnt Annette, my owner, put on weight!!”


“Ok, just one more!……..”


“Ok! Thats enough pictures!…..Did I ever tell you, about the time I got down and dirty in a mud pool?…..No?…..Well……”


  1. Spring has definitely sprung in your neck of the woods. Love all the green green grass. Still coming in slowly here....

  2. Hi Tammy! Yes, it has gone green, trouble is, too much too soon, and we need to watch for Laminitus! Also at the moment we have a bad bout of Strangles!!!!(Not me, in the area)

  3. You are too funny! Will you pour me a beer too? It is supposed to be warm this coming week - and the snow is already almost all melted away. It is pretty but, honestly, I'm ready for more sunshine not cold!

  4. Hi!...I am so pleased the winter is over! Its been a long one here. So I`ll pour you a beer, and then drink it for you!
    I was riding to day, it was hot, poor ol` hoss, had to be washed again, just to get the sweat off!
    Anyway, as I write, its a little after 5:30pm here, suns heading down and the dogs need fed so have a good Sunday and may God smile upon you all.

  5. Oh how lovely and green! I always make sure my horses get on the pasture when it is still winter killed, and put them out every day as the grass comes in so they get accustomed to it as it comes in; that way there is no overload and danger of laminitis.

  6. We have a problem here regularly, due to the modern fertilizers used. Its hard to find grass thats not treated this way.

  7. Beautiful green!! Gotta love that rollin'~

  8. Yep!....Its good, its nice, but its wet!.....Lol!

    Its home.

  9. Gorgeous photos! Gorgeous subjects, too!

  10. haha yep! fist thing my guy does when he steps outside... poop and then roll!