Friday, May 20, 2011

Ever the Optimist!


Now, what you see isnt always what you get!  As some of you may remember!  The Grey chap in the picture, AKA “Bob”.  Had his manhood removed last year, “ I refer to exhibit  A, M`lud!”  (The next picture)  The horse he is trying to be “sociable” with is Barney, a gelding!


But as time has gone on, and that Spring has sprung, albeit, we are almost at the mid summer point! He has decided that he is still a going concern, to whit, one more evidential picture!


The little Tinker!  As you can see from Gracie and Sunny`s ears, they are not amused!


Here he is, asleep, or at least getting ready for another attempt! The weather was great today, fine and lots of blue. But as I`m back to work, and struggling for any “me” time, an hour on the ground with them is just the ticket!


  1. Can't blame a lad from trying....

  2. Sunshine after a long winter makes us all a little friskier than usual.

  3. Someone should tell him! Was he cut quite late?

  4. Yep! he`s a trier! Thats true Chris, a bit of sun makes the sap rise!

    Well, no he was 12 months when cut, so he`s just a bit adventurous!

  5. That's odd... our gelded llama is up to the same tricks this week! It MUST be spring, but with the cold and the rain here it's hard to tell!