Thursday, June 02, 2011

A Little deflated.


This is how I feel! Totally  deflated! Pissed off, and wrecked. Not through anything other than the weather.

Ok, so this is how, this summer has been so far.  I never really swear, but today, as the meticulously well knitted grey and not so grey clouds rolled in again, I had to ask myself this question.

“Why is it, when it rains in this country, it doesnt know when to F***ing stop?”  So April was a wonderful month, well it was sunny and dry. I was out riding last night near Parton, West of Dumfries. Good country, no question. But the amount of trees blown down, water every where and just plain dumb weather!

I know you guys over in the states have had it worse, and I feel for you all, but by now, the 2nd of June!!!!!!  We should be having wall to wall sunshine!  C`mon!  What`s occurring here!  I have it on good authority, that its due to a “kink” in the Jet stream, West of us. Oh yeah? Or its a cycle of Global warming. That would be good, at least we could rise above the daily temp of 10 deg C??  Well?   Derrrr!

Sorry for this rant, but the veggie patch has also taken a hit!  My potato's are doing good, (they love water!) But the Beetroots and Leek plants are doing shit!  My Cabbages didnt do anything, and the Cauliflowers are dead!  So for now, I`ve given up! Its back to the supermarket!

The only good thing I hear, is that fuel has come down in price, yep! True!  Maybe `cos no bugger could afford to buy any and sales were down!!!!! So they had to lower the price!

The Jeep needs new tyres, Car Tax is due next month! Thats another £450 pounds! Oh Yes!….There was one ray of light, in an otherwise day of misery, Her Majesty`s Collector of Taxes, has announced that my tax code will change! I will pay less tax, yes, I will pay less tax this year!  The almighty sum of £20 pounds per year! Well “ whoop di do!”  let me see? What could I buy with £20 pounds?

Oh yes! I could buy two bags of horse feed!!  Well i`m quitting while I`m ahead, its nearly lunch time, and there is an up side to all this, here it is, the weeds this year are truly massive!


  1. I think you have every right to rant...and it was a good one too BTW!!! It'll make ya feel better to just let 'er rip.

    I'm still running the wood stove, I only have peas and onions in the ground of which only the peas seem to be doin' any good...but not that good. They should be growing like crazy, but they aren't.

    But, they say it's gonna be 74 F by Saturday...I'll believe it when I see it!

    Hang in there~

  2. Thanks for that!!! Your probably right, but here we`re forcast for showers, and more showers! The only good thing, is that the temp is to rise to a staggering 13c!!! My Peas, are just poking through!

  3. I can recall a summer in the north of England and Scotland (1976 was it?) when the green hills were turning brown and not a drop of rain fell. Packed raingear when we left the States and never used it. It was like a vacation in Southern California. I have to say that was "deflating" in its own way. Ha.

  4. That summer was hot and dry!!! I remember it well!

    The sunken village at Haweswater in the Lake District, had appeared for the first time since the valley was flooded!
    But glad you didnt need the waterproofs!

  5. A soggy mess, sounds like. Hope your weather system gets unkinked and you get some sun. They say we are in for an exceptionally hot summer in Canada. So if you need to dry out, book a vacation with one of your Canadian blogger buddies!

  6. Shirley? I would if I had the money! But unfortunately, my job is under serious threat. I would love to go to Canada, I have been twice before, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Vancouver. Both times I could have stayed for good!

  7. The weather has been really weird all over....I hope you felt better by getting your frustration off your chest. Hang in there, it will get better.....:-)Hugs

  8. Stopped at the corner store this morning and a guy teased me for being in shorts and flipflops, on account of the weather being rainy and chilly (I solid 40 degrees colder here than it was in Tulsa, OK, that I had just left the night before). My feeling is it's friggin' the 3rd of June. I'll be in shorts if it KILLS me!

  9. Dead on!......The weather at the moment, really pisses me off, today we hit 74 deg F! Unreal, the forecast for tomorrow is Rain.....

  10. Well here in good old Taranaki NZ we had 200ml of rain today and the mist rolled in off the sea to shroud everyone and everything. I hope the sun comes soon for you......what about the local sun tan booth .....bit of tropical music on an ipod ....close your eyes and hey presto instant holiday. Yes I know probably a dumb idea but while it rains outside here I have plenty of time to come up with such ideas. Happy days!

  11. Hi Sally!...Hows things with you and yours? yes, 200 mmm of rain? Now thats a lot! But I must confess, this last two days have not been too bad!
    I was out yesterday, poor ol` hoss didnt know what hit her! Good to hear from you, best wishes,

  12. Cheer up ol' chap...we've all got that grey crap!

    Sorry, in a rhyming mood this eve..not because of any bright and worm object appearingin the daylight sky and making me feel good..NA.

    Is it ANY better either. But I will go to the beach and pretent it is'll smell good anyheck!

    LOVE your view in the header ...That is worth some of the grey, sogged mess!

  13. Your comments are well received! Its not so bad right now, the rain has eased, and the wind has dropped. The grey clouds have almost gone, and the temperature has risen.

    Once the ice melts, and the snow goes it should be ok!!Lol