Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Problem!

Well, I got me a problem!    Remember Wally?  Well he was introduced to the herd two days ago, gradually. The two mares didnt show any antipathy towards him, just a sniff and walked away!  Little Bob, the Welsh section A, has been a complete nightmare! he has chased Wally out of the ten acre field twice! I am at a loss, as I dont have a lot of land. So Wally is in a stable at the moment.

To be honest, this is the first time I have seen this, I have always had mares and geldings together, without any issues, but now? 

What to do?  Anyone?


  1. That is a big fat bummer!! One of them is still feelin' some testosterone, eh?
    Could be keeping them separate will be the best way to go for now. That's what I would do. Maybe some day they can pasture together, but at this point, who knows?
    If you have 10 acres, could you fence some off for Wally?

  2. Hard to say if putting the two geldings together will help or not . . .

    Is there a way the existing herd, including the resident gelding, can be across the fence from the other gelding, where they can touch noses and get to know one another more safely.

    Any possibility the resident gelding isn't a gelding?

  3. I don't have any advice. We had a similar situation a few years back and we had to keep the two separated - that was after the little horse kicked the big horse and broke his jaw. We figured they were never going to be friends.

  4. Ok friends, thanks for that. I cant seperate them off, unless one goes in a stable, permanently.
    I cant fence a section off, due to the nature of the field, and where the water is.

    However, there is good news. Tonight, after Wally jumped out of the field again!!
    I decided to put him back in, from another gate at the bottom end of the field!
    This gate is some distance from where all the horses hang out.
    So having done that, and fed them away from their usual feed spot. I stayed and watched.

    And guess what?.. They all stood and watched, as I released Wally, and.........nothing happened! Nothing at all.
    I stayed and watched for over an hour!
    Nothing, Waly stayed out with the group, but close, the other gelding styed between Wally and the mares. I have just spoken to Fiona, who stays at the farm, and she reliably informs me that all is very quiet!

    Now why?.......What, has changed? Maybe, the cat that Wally came in this time from the cattle gate? Or because he was away from the regular feed spot! Who knows. I`ll know for certain tomorrow!

  5. Place them side by side in adjacent stalls. Walk them out each day together and put them back so they see a routine of being in the same club.

  6. I imagine they will all sort it out in their own way and own time. As long as Wally isn't getting hurt, and he has all 10 acres to get away from Bob.

  7. Whew..glad that is sorted...I hate the disruptions with the herds like that. I have always herd that mares and gelding can present problems...at least they do in my pasture over here..some gelding are POSSESIVE to the hilt!

    Wally, hope you can relax for good and stay out of harms way!