Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wally`s Truce?


wally`s rest july 11 001

Wally is back in the field, overnight, nothing has happened. It would seem that a truce has broken out!  So this morning, there is a distinct pecking order achieved.  Numero Uno, is Gracie, then Sunny, Bob, and bringing up the rear is Wally!

wally`s rest july 11 007

“The Culprit!”  Young Bob, but he seems to have settled now. I`m sure things will work itself out. Thanks everybody for their advice!

wally`s rest july 11 002

A distinct lack of interest from the two mares!

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  1. Now this Bob seems quite the character .....a jealous one at that. I'm sure he just wants the girls to himself .....and very cute at that!

  2. Glad to hear things are settling down a bit. It just goes to show how important pecking order is to horses. I had one who never bothered anyone and just wanted to fit right in, and now I have Barnaby, who is, and who always expects to be, the herd leader. Some horses accept this pretty meekly, and some don't, but they all do in the end!

  3. nd if you have a bucket? God help you!)Lol.

    Bob is ok, really he, as you say wants the mares to himself, why I cant imagine! After all, he is a an empty building!

  4. Good that things are settling down a bit - now if I can just get the PIe/Drift thing settled down too we'll all be OK!

  5. Hi Kate! thanks for that. Yes, was reading quite closely the situation with Pie and Drift.

    Maybe it will work itself out. Trouble is, if one gets injured, should it escalate. Might be just a fight for dominance.

  6. Bob's pretty little to be the cause of such commotion! Nice to see that things have settled down.

  7. Phew! Glad they got that all sorted out. And I just have to say that I love LOVE Gracie's coloring. What a beautiful animal she is...

  8. Hi Annette, thanks, yes she colours up nicely in summer. The dapples are pretty nice, from her father! An Irish Draft.
    Shirley, that little tyke! Bob is a bit of an independent soul, shows off a lot!

  9. Bob has a small guy complex. what a nice array of breed and colors.

  10. Why thank you! OOTP!...Thats real nice of you.

  11. Hi there I found your blog from all horse stuff’s blog, you have some beautiful horses, like the look of Wally he has a very sweet face, I’ll look forward to reading more on your blog.

  12. Ooooh, I miss a few posts and look what happens ... a Wally has arrived!

    Simply gorgeous! Hug him once from us, will ya?

  13. Gasld that the pony is settleingh towards Wally. He looks young and not too much a treat...but ponies do what they will and with force sometimes!My welsh pinto pony would take on a 16 hand TB any day...and the TB would be the worser for hocks after!

    Glad you may relax Cheyenne!
    LOVE your wonderful header of the country and fantastic riding shirt and hat! Love how you are so modest and tip your head always!

  14. Edward, nice of you to drop by, enjoy the blog!
    AHS! Your spot on! The little welshies! Will take on anything, tough little buggers! I have relaxed now, it seems that all is calm in the herd dynamic! Wally has taken a "last in line" approach and it looks like it will be a safe bet! No more being chased everywhere!

    Hi Amber! Nice to hear from you, I will hug him for you!!!Lol. he`s a nice little chap, and has a good temperament.

  15. AHS?.....I hate having my picture taken! Plus, I get a little embarrassed. The shirts really good to wear, and the hat? Oh yes, both are Imported from America!! Thanks for the comments!
    ps, dont stay away too long!

  16. Haha!
    That was rather nice...
    Been recovering from doctoring the mare's eye.
    After coming home, my mare got spooked, or pushed, into the thickets near the far back of her turnout field. Got a call from the barn owner she had bramble debris in her eye...she had to be cut out of them.
    Been too tired to post after visiting the are 4- 6 times a day to apply ointments.

    Hope to settle to a normal pace now!

  17. Oh my gosh... look at those dapples on Gracie! Stunning!

  18. Hi AHS! Glad to hear it! Sounds like the mare is on the mend and you get to "chill" a while!

  19. Hi Tammy! yes she does do "dapples", as she is maturing, the dapples get more pronounced, she is 10 now, and I actually thought she would have turned out "flea bitten2 gray.