Monday, August 29, 2011

Barneys Day Out!

Ae aug 2011 Barney 010
Not the usual pair of lustrous Grey ears!  No these belong to a rather smaller horse. Black and hairy!  Its rather an unusual feeling, riding a smaller horse, at 14 hh`s and a bit!  he is a tad small. But he makes up for that in stamina, fitness and strength!  He`s a bold little fella, and although stubborn at times, will plod on for hours.
Today we headed for the forests, with strong winds forecast, and rain on the way, neither Lynne or myself wanted to be driving home wet through!  The car park was almost empty when we arrived, the odd MTB-er`s! But that was about it, all the tracks in the forest had recently been resurfaced, mainly due to the recent visit of the Scottish National Car Rally. They do tear up the tracks!

Ae aug 2011 Barney 007 
Not the best of pictures this. I`ll blame Lynne!  I was riding him “English”, its just not me. Still we did a cool 12 miles together!
Here he is back home, (butter wouldnt melt!)
Ae aug 2011 Barney 001
Ae aug 2011 Barney 005


  1. That is a small horse. I took some kids riding and put the bigger one on a good sized horse.He wanted a smaller one,I wasn't sure why.I put hom on another and he asked for smaller. It was a fear of heights.

  2. Hi OOTP! In this case for me, I`ve got 5 to keep going and fit! So `twas Barney`s turn!!

  3. OMGosh! I adore his "beard!!"
    As for me, I like the smaller horses. I suppose since I grew up riding ponies. Tall horses make me feel like I'm hanging in the air.
    Great pictures!!

  4. I love the 14 hand horses! I don't have as far to fall - Ha!

    I agree with Deanna ... that beard is too adorable

  5. He's very cute! Glad you had a good outing. My Drift is only 14.3 but you wouldn't know it from looking at him - he's a hunk (or maybe the right word is chunk) - and fits my leg pretty well although I'm 5'9".

  6. He is a lovely looking little chap, I do love ponies I wouldn’t want to be seen on one but they are such fun to be around, he looks to have a very strong build I was wondering how old is he?

  7. He is so interesting. I am curious what his breed is. I love the hairy face!

  8. Hi Deanna, his beard? Its growing now for the winter. He has one each Fall, and when spring comes it starts to thin out and fall away.
    Hi Amber!Your right about the small horses, although I always feel like a "pea on a drum!"
    Hi Kate! Barney, small though he is, has muscle all over, good bone, and a strength that belies his size!
    Hi Edward and Mary! Barney is only six, and is a real Cob! Proper English Cob!
    Used to haul timber and coal in years gone bye!

  9. Oh how cute! He's tiny! Looks like Sunny is not much bigger than him, huh?

  10. Barney is handsome in a fuzzy pony way. 12 miles is a pretty good ride. I prefer to ride the small ones; the horse I came off of the other day is around 15.2; I would much rather fall off one who is shorter!

  11. Look at that wonderfully stout , black cob pony! He really is neat, that Barney! His hairiness is astounding! Cool 12, loved that!
    You and he looked good together, even though looking upon darker ears was different~

  12. What a cute stout little fellow! And those roads look SO nice!

  13. Hey there Cheyenne ....glad you are getting out on one of your 5!!!!. Your forest tracks sound fun to ride on. I guess your neck of the woods must be approaching colder months. We in the mean time are but 2 days away from official spring and I cant wait. It has been a long cold one. Love the hairy black Barney kind of horse

  14. Hi Sally!!Good to hear from you. Yeah, its approaching the Autumn, short days wet miserable and cold! But Hey! It could be worse. Barney is a little treasure, glad you loke him!

    Hi Funder, he is stout! But good fun!

    Hi AHS!..He`ll go all day, he has done Endurance, Oh Yes!!! ONly a 16 miler, but came back in vetted ok, and within time!!

    Shirley? Your dead right! He is no trouble to fall off of!! Lol.

    Hi KD! He is smaller than Sunny, not by much though.

    Thank all for stopping by!

  15. Good to see you busy and bustling along, Cheyenne.

  16. Hell Son! Your back?..........Good ta hear from ya `ol friend!!

  17. Thanks Pard. Till that posse shows up, anyway.