Tuesday, August 09, 2011

He`s Back!…………..

aug 2011 the farm 009


He`s back!…….Unfortunately the family that bought him, realised that keeping a horse was no easy matter, and it demanded more time than  they could give.  So I have taken him back and he is once again “For Sale”. 

Its a shame really, but thats how it goes.  So he is back with the herd, not 4,  but 5 horses now!  here is some random stuff from tonight.

aug 2011 the farm 001

“Stay away from my grub!” Wally and Sunny, argue over rolled Barley!!

aug 2011 the farm 006

Sunny gets a “tickle!”

aug 2011 the farm 013

Gracie, Sunny & Barney.

aug 2011 the farm 003

Wally gets nothing!…………….Aaw!  Poor thing!

But he did really!………..he got to feed from the bucket!  He`s very wary at the moment, but coming round. His “op” went well and you`d think he had never had anything done.


  1. when our yearling had his bits off he wouldnt speak to us the next day or at least until he noticed the carrot in our hand and watched me open the stable door at which time he decided to make a mad dash for freedom !! lol

  2. Animals coming and going...we were at Animal Control this morning and in the half hour there, we saw way too many cats and dogs being brought in, including the stray we found. Some people have no idea about animals.

  3. Good for you for taking Barney back; very responsible.

  4. Welcome Katy! I know the type! Mind you he has got his reasons!!

    Morning Ron, yep dead right! but responsibility comes with territory. People dont always see the bigger picture.
    Morning Shirley!! Thanks for that, great post on your Dad! Great pics too!

  5. Poor Barney! But good of you to help him! If I was there and had, money, and knew what to do with a horse, and had a house or field for it, and wasn't scared of em' Well I would sure take Barney for ya!!