Sunday, August 07, 2011

I`m Going Regardless!


“Lets ride tomorrow?”  ….”Ok, Ae,?”……..”Fine!  See you there!”

It was raining, but then thats not entirely unusual! But! I was going, regardless. As we drove to Ae Forest, the windscreen wipers worked relentlessly to clear the water. Spray from vehicles on the road hampered visibility and made the trip a little tiresome.

But we got there, and after a quick change of clothes, and with Gracie all dressed up, Lynne arrived with Craig!  A few minutes later we were off along the trail!


Sorry for the rain spots on the camera lens, but it was a bit damp! The idea was to follow the “7 Stanes Route”, one of the MTB rides across the forest, and end up back at the car.

The most of the ride was on open tracks and renewed   surfaces. But not  to worry, as it turned out the whole ride passed in a flash, all three hours of it! Twelve miles, a nice little starter, for the next long ride.


The three hour ride really did pass in a flash, seems that we need to do longer distances!  Ae forest was really magnificent today, wet yes, but fantastic! 


  1. Very, very Cool!!!
    That carved Stone boulder is kinda neat...a send off face!

    I was thinking that you drove to higher grounds, so maybe the rains would Cease...nope, but it mattered not. Apparentrly, your minds had been transported to those "Higher Riding grounds!" Looked wonderful, gorgeous places you have to ride and I adore the photos, very inviting...3 hours -would pass fast!

    Yea we, like yourself wouldn't much sit in the saddle- if we did not put up with dampness in rides..ya do what ya gotta do- for the pleasure of riding!!

  2. You can't always rely on good weather, or you would miss out on a lot of fun.

  3. Hi AHS, the stone, or as we say here,"stane", is route marker for one of the 7 routes that are available to ride across the Galloway region. Mostly for MTB`s, but some are also horse friendly!
    We`ve had a really wet summer this year, so its a case, of just getting on with it, like you, get it done!
    We drive to the forest, and park, But we are`nt allowed to drive to any higher levels at all. So, its a case of ride, wet or dry! But that doesnt matter, its great fun, and as you say the scenery is Brill!!

  4. I totally agree. If you waited for good weather around here, you'd never flippin ride. The weather has been so unpredictable - red hot last week, stormy today.

  5. Hi AM! Yep, dont seem to be a whole lot of excuses left not to go ridin`! This "Summer" has been cold, and wet, but it could be worse!(not much)

  6. Looks like some nice riding, I quite like riding in the rain myself, I think you got some good photos.

  7. ohhh i am a little bit jealous of you!!! haha

    I would LOVE to be able to just hop on and ride!

    Thanks for sharing and yes muppets is a very polite term! haha

  8. Beautiful! And those pink wildflowers are gorgeous!

  9. Thanks KD, those wild flowers are a real bane! Its called Willow Herb, and grows anywhere, a difficult weed to get rid of! But your right, looks good!
    Nice to hear from you.