Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The Kindest Cut of All!!!!

The vet got cancelled on Monday, due to other things happening. So he came today. Poor Wally! ……..OMG! The trouble we had with him today, not only was there an issue with his “bits”, but he decided he would take to jumping fences!  So here is the tale!

The vet arrives and Wally is knocked out!

wally`s nuts, aug 2011 001

Now obviously, as one would, we checked for the little “objects”,  before we dropped him! Having located them, we checked again after he was down, could we find them? Not on your life!  But eventually we did!

wally`s nuts, aug 2011 004

But only one!!!!  Then after some searching, the vet found the other, as it turned out, they were quite small, and it seems may have been a problem later on. Although dropped, they were`nt too well developed.

wally`s nuts, aug 2011 006

The whole thing took less than 15 minutes, but we may have saved ourselves an issue later on!  It seems that although they were dropped, one may have been taken back up into the body and later on been missed, had we not castrated him now.

wally`s nuts, aug 2011 011

After he came round, he laid like this for some time, a good 20 minutes passed before………

wally`s nuts, aug 2011 014

“Dad?……….Some things are missing!”  (sorry!)

Now then, I mentioned he began to jump out of his field? Oh yes, shortly after this was taken, Wally, decided he wanted to be back with the rest!

Two fences later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He managed to get back to the others! All I can say is,  he must be made of strong stuff! 


  1. Glad he had his "brain surgery". Poor guy!

    He might have a career as a hunter . . .

  2. Cripes!! Yikies!! Those were some up close & personal pictures!! I think Wally & I should now share a cigarette!
    Poor guy. That is just never a pleasant procedure. I refuse to ever buy colts anymore, prior to their gelding. I know it only takes but a few minutes, but I just never get used to it.

    Wally is one of my all time favorite geldings - there's something about that cute guy. I think he had me at his worm story!!

  3. Wow! Glad you avoided a possible future issue.
    He looks so adorable laying in the grass, all woozy :)

  4. Well, if you're going to take away his boy bits, better soon than later!

  5. Kate? Brain surgery????...Lol!

    Deanna, I`m glad you like him! He is an unusual character!

    Amber: he was`nt so adorable when he realised something was a miss!Lol!

    Shirley, your dead right!

  6. I was just wondering do you always geld your horses on the ground, and with a rope round their leg like that, when we had Murphy gelded he was done standing and was under a local anaesthetic, anyway I am happy Wally is ok and that the gelding may have stopped future problems.

  7. Yes Edward,the vet has his way, and others I have seen, are done standing up. I suppose its up to the vet?

    But as far as I know, the horse is better off lying down, but thats only what the vet has told me.

  8. less chance of vets head getting kicked off if they are dropped on ground. hehe

  9. Poor Wally! But it's definitely for the best, especially if he was going cryptorchid...

  10. Hi Tx & Funder, yes dropping is the safest way! Wouldnt want to smacked in the head!

  11. Aaaw poor chap. Still if he was jumping fences soon after, he can't be feeling too bad.

  12. You would have thought so Patsy!! (I certainly would not be jumping fences!)
    So today he is wlking around as though nothing has been done? Whats that mean?

  13. Ah - I see the wonderful Andrew at work! It's a gruesome procedure to watch / assist with but they always seem fine after a few hours. Now he can focus on growing.

  14. hi Mari!! Yes the saviour of horses was on the shot!!
    He does all, I think, he was keen to see what I had this time!Lol.
    You cant be very far from me then!

  15. It's odd - sometimes the smallest colts have the biggest parts, and vice versa.

    The oddest castration we had was when the not very bright blacksmith collected the severed bits and fried them up for tea, not realising quite what sedatives had been injected. He was out cold for a day or so!

  16. Not the thing to do!.....But then again?