Monday, August 01, 2011

(The Money Pit!)…..Poor Sammy!

If there is an accident waiting to happen, it will happen to him!


Sammy got himself savaged by another dog yesterday, bad enough? You`d have thought so wouldnt you! Not content with that, his left ear was bitten clean though, and his little body is covered in puncture wounds!

But hey! There`s more! For some time now, Sammy`s eyes have been needing cleaned very day, and although we know his breeding is in question. His eyes have always been, shall we say? Poor!  Small black eyes set back into the sockets, so when we took him to the vets, with the bites etc, we were also told that he has “Dry Eye!” The poor little devil doesnt produce enough of his own tears, to keep his eyes moist!  Thats not all!   No dear readers, it gets worse!

Then  today after his patching up, the vet also informed us that he has “Entropy “, his lower eye lids are turned slightly inwards. Suffice to say, that the vets bill, the one we have finally managed to reduce substantially since the last crisis! Has now swollen to the size of a small Mediterranean countries debt problem!

But undaunted, we agreed to the op!  For such a small rescue dog, he does get his fair share of vets attention! I would also point out that he is only two years old, so then that begs the question, “ what else is going to happen?”

Its Monday today, and as the song goes, “ I dont like Mondays!”  I dont.  In my quest for the country idyll, I fear I have become the sole financial supporter of my local vet!  For `tis he who has the large house, `tis I with the large overdraft!   It is true that Sammy`s value,  is on a par with the value of Gold,  per ounce of body weight! I have also thought that perhaps, I could recoup that value by offering shares in him on the stock market, for without doubt his value rises with every week!

But poor Sammy, he is such a jolly little chap, always on the go, always has his tail wagging, but as thick as pig s**t!  So there we have it, I only await the “Bailiffs” and the debt collectors, my home to be repossessed, and the car to be towed!  For my wife to leave with what money I have left and for all the horses to be stolen! LOL!!

True, it could be worse, but Sammy, the money pit, is ok, he comes home tonight!


  1. Deanna has left a new comment on your post "(The Money Pit!)…..Poor Sammy!":

    Oh my goodness! Poor lil Sammy! I know it's a pain in the pocketbook, but I'm so glad he has you guys!!
    And by the way- I do not like bully dogs!! Like the one who beat up Sammy. ;-(

  2. Thanks Deanna! I had to rescue your post!!!
    Sammy is home now, and sleeping, he`s a bit sore!!

  3. Thanks for "rescuing" my comment!

  4. Some dogs and other critter are an accident waiting to happen, or just like visiting the doc. I had one dog who got kicked by a horse and its heart dislodged. When I took it in I was given 2 choices and took the lesser payment of letting god repair it.

  5. If you've checked my blog lately, you know that we just lost our dog after 15 years. The last couple of them, bless her heart, surely made several car payments for the vet. But I sure don't regret any of it. Hope Sammy is soon running on all six cylinders.

  6. Thanks Ron, I`m sure he will be!

  7. Oh Sammy, you curly wonder...loved and pondered the same.
    Be well Sammy pooch, do not let another mishap come asunder!!!

  8. AHS???.......A poet? And you didnt know it!....Very good. Hows things with you, loved that Mountain Riders post! Need more of those.

  9. Mary comments,

    I know you really can't put a price on unconditional love. I would borrow against my house if it meant I could help my dear Freddy. No doubt about it.

  10. Ooh he's gorgeous! Hope he's feeling better. I'm lucky that my Tess is insured - the vet's bills are ongoing and would equal a monthly mortgage payment!

  11. I was going to ask what kind of dog he is & then read Unknown. I love his looks. Ah.... what do they say about money? Can't take it with us.... ;)

  12. Hi Tammy, he is supposed to be a Kerry Blue, but we are`nt sure, anyway, it does`nt really matter, right now he`s well on the mend.