Sunday, August 14, 2011

Loch Stroan: Galloway

Galloway forest aug 2011 004

Once again, we made for the Galloway Forest Park. Its a really great place for everyone, let alone Horse Riders!…..It was a 10 am start, well 10.30 am, maybe?  Ok! By the time we all saddled up and got away, it was 11 am! There were two new additions to the usual Duo, Sheena and her horse “Tiny”, and Sheena`s daughter Katy, and her horse, “Topaz”.
Galloway forest aug 2011 003
Stroan Viaduct-disused now.
Due to the very heavy rain over the last weeks, we had to abandon the more adventurous routes. It was forest tracks today, as it turned out, it was a good decision. Further up the hillside, we came across many places where the tracks themselves were rutted and had been damaged by the recent rain.
Also, and here I have to come clean, Gracie, was in season! And was she!!!  We had Lynne and her horse Craig, plus two new geldings already mentioned!  It was like Christmas for my mare! She didnt know which one, to let honour her!!
Anyway, it was a good ride, but sadly no pics of us on the trail, due to having to hold onto my sanity with that mare of mine!   But there are a few of us at the end of the ride!!  It didnt rain at all.
Galloway forest aug 2011 002
L-R…Sheena, Katy & Lynne.


  1. Would have loved to see the ride... can you walk across the aqueduct? (not that I would, of course!) Love the header picture, I think I dated that guy 40 years ago.

  2. Yes Mary Ann, there is a walk over it, they took up the railway lines in `65!
    Mary Ann, thats a big complement! Thanks!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful photos. The area you ride in, must have some spectacular scenery. Happy trails!

  4. Thanks for that Wagnend, we are quite fortunate, I love that header of yours!

  5. Hi Jodi, yeah, its not bad, dont know who the good lookin` fella is though?

    Get all sorts these days!lol

  6. FUN!!!
    Gracie mare had her other plans it does sound...yea, mine is about due for a round about now...seems to have missed us this month.
    Nice sounding ride with faithful friends!
    Sure is gorgeous place to ride Cheyenne. Your photos are great!