Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Shoes! ……No Hassle!

I have mentioned our Farrier before, well here he is with one of todays great success`s!  Sunny, has had her first shoes ever on today!  The chap next to Sunny here is Ninian, the Farrier!

farrier Aug 2011 011

A first for us too, as she has never had anything done apart from being trimmed. She stood like the true “Lady” she is. Even the banging of the shoes at the anvil, the hammer on the foot, and even when the nails were hit home, she never flinched!  I must have done something right with this horse!  I had decided to shoe her as she goes back into work this week, and as we are going onto tarmac roads, she will need her feet protected.

farrier Aug 2011 010


Success number two!  Wally!  he was a little “Tinker” to catch, but a well thrown Lariat sorted that out!

farrier Aug 2011 007 

But here is the thing, once I caught hold of him, well, it was like “wonderful!”  He stood fantastically! As you can see, he isnt tied, the rope is on the floor, and he isnt bothered one jot!

farrier Aug 2011 004

A bit “ribby” maybe, but that will improve. He has rock hard feet! And learns fast. It was only a few weeks ago that we got him. And he has had his feet handled regular  since then, so he is coming on nicely.

Barney`s turn next! God love this horse!

farrier Aug 2011 001

He has always stood well for Ninian, sorry about the odd shape of the horse, but I was a tad too close!

And finally, bringing up the rear! Here she is, the Matriarch of the herd………Gracie.

farrier Aug 2011 013 

again she dont need tied, stands herself, and goes to sleep!

So that was the morning today!  barney has his “new”  secondhand saddle from ebay, so we are back on the road as it were!  Money well spent!!

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  1. Good for Sunny! She's definitely a lady.

    I love Wally's free-spirited attitude!

    Having a fabulous farrier really takes all the pressure off having their hooves done ... and provides us with some great photos :)

  2. Glad to hear everyone was so well behaved with the farrier, keep up the good work, they’ve all done great.

  3. I`m pleased you liked the Farrier, Amber!

    Edward, appreciate your kind words.

  4. Good job on all those horses, bet your farrier appreciates your well behaved horses.

  5. The farrier seems to enjoy his work. And your horses are models of composure. Of course, I'm used to a pup who didn't like anybody tinkering with her toes.

  6. I think your farier is pretty cute too! (Wink) I am glad they all behaved nicely. I hope the shoes work out OK for Sunny, it sounds like she'll need them.

  7. What a lovely time for your Farrier. I love good times like that!
    Even though I have my horse-boots, (I'm behind on blogging about it- hope to get to it soon!), I still think I will have shoes put on Lew - that will be her first pair. I hope she does as well as Sunny! Like you said- she needs the protection especially since I ride on asphalt to get to my trails.

  8. I always enjoy watching this.New shoes were fun for us at one time.

  9. OOTP, Hi! Yes can see your point. I`d like to go barefoot, (that is, my horse!) But we have too much Tarmac around me, and it would wreak havoc on my horses tootsies!

  10. He is such a cutie that farrier..look at the great smile he has! No wonder your horses stand so nicely, he seems full of happy.
    I can't say mine is good for her E.W. may be my new Farrier though...she kinda tweaks the shoulder and Wa is uncompfy.Or, it could be her normal TB self, opinionated.

    Glad that all yours are still for it.Makes it go faster and easier for that back breaking work it is!

  11. Ninian, he is a good guy, easy going, and really friendly!
    Doesnt like misbehaved horse, he came to do mine once, sporting a cut on his head the size of the moon!
    Some racehorse had kicked him.

    have to say, he`s worth it. My OH likes him too!!( Wonder why?)

  12. Awesome! Please send Sunny to me. Thanks.

  13. Sorry Knotty Dogs! No can do, she`s mine! All mine!!Ha!

    Love your new header!