Monday, October 17, 2011

Day Trip To Heaven. (part 2)

After the first days ride, I left Gracie with Katy and Sheena. Corralled, safely with the other three horses, she spent the night recovering.
Cheviots Oct 2011 014
Thats her! In the middle, as I said I went home, taking Fiona and her horse, “Tig”   minus one shoe!! So her riding was finished for the time being.
This morning, I collected Annette, pictured below.
Cheviots Oct 2011 005
So after a quick Sausage butty! Several cups of Tea, courtesy of Sheena! We left the comfort of her  warm waggon, for the increasing wind of the Northern Cheviot Hills.
Cheviots Oct 2011 012
This is Schillgreen, a small steading, below  our route to The Schill, one of the high hills around here. If you look closely, our route follows the track across the middle hill, from the trees on the right, to the cleft of the hills on the left.
The wind was increasing by the hour, and by the time we were 200 feet below the summit, and finding it difficult to stay in the saddle!  We called it a day, and headed to shelter behind a stone wall for a bite to eat!
Cheviots Oct 2011 007 
This wall , is what I had to lean against to stop the camera shaking in the wind! Here we are at 1600 feet. It was so strong, Sheena was almost blown away!
Cheviots Oct 2011 009
A windswept Annette, and her horse Kara. It was blowing an absolute hooley!
Cheviots Oct 2011 004
Back down!………Fantastic day!
Cheviots Oct 2011 003
On the way home, a bit calmer here, and time for a graze!   A really good ride, horses behaved impeccably.  Everyone happy!


  1. AWESOME! That looked like so much fun!! And I adore the photo of the 2 headed horse. :-D haha

  2. Deanna! You must have been waiting for this post!!Lol.
    Thanks for the kind comment, I`m at home now, and its horrendous weather here, rain, and the temperature is falling rapidly, God knows whats next!

  3. It certainly looked windy! Beautiful pics!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous horse country. Glad you had a great ride!

  5. ...and you must have amazing horses to be able to behave in such a wind!

  6. Awesome photos! Too bad about the wind. Wind puts me on edge, I don't like it at all, a little breeze os OK, but when it's really windy, I get cranky.

  7. Thanks Tammy, it was!

    Margaret, its really a good place. As far as the horses go , they get used to the wind, where we get to they need to be!
    Thanks Mary, I like the wind, its almost a cleanser of the soul!