Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day Trip To heaven! (part 1)

Cheviots oct 2011 020
The forecast said,”Fine, with a gentle breeze!”   What more did we need?
Hitting the trail early, we ventured forth! 
Cheviots oct 2011 006
The low October sun, really did have some warmth in it,  horses sweated, as we climbed up to the top of the Border Ridge. This Ridge divides the Countries of Scotland and England.
Cheviots oct 2011 010
Unfortunately, as is the case here, the weather didnt last!  Still we managed a good four hour ride, and in good company!
Cheviots oct 2011 012

It was a real shame when we had to turn for home, its not often we get days like this, and after the “summer” we have had, you`ve got to grab them while you can!


  1. Hey- I like your new header photo. Was that from this trip?

  2. A good four hour ride! Wow!! Could you walk afterwards? I'm only good for about 2 hours in the saddle, wimp that I am.

  3. What a lovely day for a lovely ride!
    Great post!

  4. Excellent photos. Have a soft spot for ones with signposts in them. This one will do nicely for wallpaper. Thanks.

  5. Tough to have to return home while enjoying this weather. A bit brisk at night here.Had frost on a window this morning.

  6. Shirley! Hi, Yes the header is from this recent trip.
    Annette-Hi! I`ve just got back from todays ride, another 4 hour jaunt!!

    Deanna, Hi Thanks for that.

    Hi Ron!...Glad you like them, its not easy taking photos when your knackered!!

    OOTP!! Hi! I did return home, but went back the following morning!!