Monday, October 10, 2011

How Unpredictable?

Yesterday……….Not cue for a song.

I am going to relate an incident that happened, while riding, yesterday with friends.     It all started innocuously enough, a few snickers and squeals. But nothing that would indicate the future.

It was raining when we left the Forestry Commission car park, at a little after 10 am. Nothing to heavy, just one of those Drizzle`s!

After about 20 minutes, I moved my horse to the front of the line of four, as we were doing a different trail and the others hadnt been before.  Gracie was fine, a little “sprightly”, perhaps looking back, we could say “eager?”

The trail lead through Forest,  and felled woods, we were all chatting quite amiably, when, for no apparent reason, Gracie decided she had to be next to one of the two geldings in the party. From then on, things got  a little bit tiresome! Side stepping, head tossing, and the odd “look at me” buck!  The gelding reacted with a upward kick, this caught my right leg, and Gracie`s flank. She was starting to become, really strong, and just was not paying any attention to me. This was not the horse I owned! It must be an alien!  Thats how it felt.  Any way, I decided to circle her, try and get her attention, but to no avail. Meanwhile the others had moved on downhill. They were some distance away, maybe 400 yards?  Then it happened.

Within a milli second, she had whipped round and was charging off downhill at speed! I tried desperately to turn her, but without any response. There was nothing for it! Hang on, and see where she went!!

As we caught up with the others, they moved aside, (probably heard my shouts!) Gracie was still full speed, we got to the bottom of the hill. It was here I managed a one rein stop! I was hauling for all I was worth on this one rein………..she started to circle left and finally came to a grudging halt!  To say i needed a fresh change of underwear, would be an understatement!

The rest of the ride for me was called off. I rode her back to the trailer, all the while she was constantly jogging, very bouncy, and without any real acknowledgement of my presence! We arrived back at the trailer. I checked all the tack, it was her usual kit. No changes or faulty kit.

As I skirted round the rear of the horse, I maybe found the cause. I`m not saying that it is, but hey? It`s the only other explanation. She lifted her tail and winked!

Got to be in season. Later that day, I found her displaying to one of the geldings in an adjacent field.  I thought it was a bit late for this time of the year. Anyway, I learned something again, horses are just animals, and can be unpredictable,   as was proved to me. That horse had never really put a foot wrong, in all the time I have owned her. You never know.  Never really liked galloping downhill!


  1. I wonder if this heat was unusually strong because of the time of year. When mares go into diestrus over the winter, the heat is irregular and usually weaker- apparently not, according to Gracie! Glad there was no harm done other than cancelling the ride. Way to cowboy up and ride!

  2. Oh my! I am gld you are sfe and hope your tackle is still in the right place!

  3. Doesn't sound like much fun. I have Dawn on pure raspberry leaves as a supplement, and one other mare at our barn is on it too - it seems to make them a lot more "normal" when they're in heat. But that said, I almost never ride Dawn when she's in full screaming heat - I don't need to and why take the risk? She's hard enough to ride with things are ordinary.

  4. It sounds like the eyes are back working.

  5. Thanks Shirley!
    Kracken, it is!

    I think your right, Kate, although its never been like this ever! But I take your valid point.
    OOTP< yes they are! Thanks.

  6. I'm laughing at your comment about needing a change of underwear. That sounds so much like something Brett would say! ...must be a guy thing... Anyway, I'm glad you're okay and Gracie, well, what a woman! (steer clear when she's in heat, I say)

  7. Yee haww Cowboy! I'm very glad you didn't crash. I could go on a little about mares, but I know I would get boo'd so I won't...she was just being a horse I guess.

  8. Hi Annette, Mary! Your right about mares, and it is a guy thing!Lol

    I used to have geldings, but changed some years ago to mares. I really find they give more. However there can be a downside!

  9. Egads, I hate bolting. Hate it. Glad your no worse for wear.

  10. Came across you at Valance's place, Cheyenne, and now I see you're into horses, too. I had an interesting experience yesterday too, horse-wise. Must be the time of year (or that soup of Valance's).

    Out of control downhilll is my least favourite thing. Sympathies.

  11. I've been a bit lax in catching up with my favourite blogs lately.My,you have been through the mill! I'm glad your eyesight is improving, that must have been scary. And so must your last ride. Do you think Gracie may have been scared by the chocolate and nakedness?

  12. Well, I guess it ain't the first time you've had trouble with a frisky female, Cheyenne.