Thursday, October 06, 2011


Today?…….A whole different Ball game! Thank God!….I was getting a tad paranoid?  So here it is.   The Opthal….dooodah? Anyway, after a slightly heated debate as to whether or not, I was losing it, the eyes were checked, thoroughly!   (We parted on good terms!)

I have been a little premature on the sight front, (no?)  I have been advised that……as my long vision was the one corrected, it, takes a little more time to recover. OK, he explained it very slowly, and I am more happier.

Now then! Today? I arose at the un Godly hour of 4 am to get to work, low and behold, as I looked around the house, I realised my sight was way clearer than previously!

All morning I found I could see much more, although the far distance is still a bit blurry, the rest? Looks promising. Tonight my eyes were tired, and they reverted. No complaints!

Sally?…….I was panicking, so dont let me put you off, I was expecting too much too soon!


  1. Good news! Keep us posted. I hope it continues to improve for you. It should.

  2. Glad things are moving in the right direction!

  3. Glad to hear it, must be a relief :)

  4. H A V E F A I T H

    P A R D E V E R Y

    T H I N G W I L L

    B E A L L R I G H T

  5. OK I feel better about saving for it to be done now!!!