Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Serious Doubts!

Ok!  This is an update on my sight.  You all know last Tuesday, I had my sight checked and after some humming and harring, decided to go ahead with Laser Surgery.

Its now been a week.  This is how I stand at the moment.  Before the surgery, I couldnt see to read a newspaper in front of me, even at arms length. I have been wearing glasses for that. My middle distance and distant vision was blurred, I could drive, and see a registration plat clearly at  about 60 m`s. Beyond that it was getting an issue.

Today, I can see to read a newspaper, great!  but cannot see anything past an arms length!  Its all really blurred.  Tomorrow, I go for a checkup. Thats gonna be fun!   I cant drive properly, and cant see the end of my road! 

So anyone thinking of this stuff!  Hang on!  Dont do it yet.

I know it could still be too early, but I`m having my doubts. Tomorrow will tell.


  1. Good luck and hope things improve soon.

  2. O boy, I was wondering how you were doing. I sure hope the ability to see far away comes back to you. I imagine this is very frustrating.

  3. Couldn't sleep and thought I'd just check up on you. Hope all goes well at the checkup today. Loved the mouse story. VERY well written.

  4. Hope all changes/I laughed after reading your mouse post, my daughter called and wants me to get rid of one in her new apartment 2 hours away. She suggested duct tape to cover the hole, a mans fix al. I laughed and will take a few other tools. It would be nice if she knew to have a single malt ready to lure it out.HA!

  5. I truly hope you get your distant vision back! Will check back and see... Most likely you just need more recovery time.

  6. Check up this morning, went all the way to Glasgow. Seems I may be to premature?.........There was slight improvement, so I shall persevere!!!Lol

    Glad you all liked the mouse tale!

  7. I used to work for lawyers who defended doctors who performed LASIK procedures. If I remember correctly, it takes a while for your vision to settle after surgery. My mother had it also, and hers took a while also. I don't remember what "a while" is though. Let us know how you do. I hope all goes well.

  8. Ah Chey,

    Sorry to hear about your eyes. Do let us know how it goes tomorrow.

    I know you work for the government...I was wondering if you got a ticket or were asked to go...if you're wondering what I'm talking about...come see me blog!


  9. Hope you get to seein' again soon Mr. Chey!

  10. OK now you have scared me off the idea ....am definitely going to stick with the blur.......hope all comes right in the world (minus the mouse)

  11. Ok ... so how did your appointment go?

  12. Knotty dogs, there is a new post!!

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