Friday, October 28, 2011

Warning (Spammers)

I thought i`d better warn all. This blog has been Spammed. Unfortunately, I missed the first one. Someone using access to this computer, managed to post on this blog.(God knows how?) Anyway, thats been sorted. But today, I was hit again.

So have added a bit more security. If things are slow to access comments page I apologise in advance.


  1. Whoa! Someone actually posted here?
    Well, I hope that your measures stop the problems!

  2. And why shouldnt they??Lol!

    Yeah it was annoying, someone got on, wrote a post, and used my username!! Had to delete it and contact Blogger.

  3. That's just plain rude! I really don't get some people. I am glad you caught it.
    Is there a way to increase the security on your computer? I am really paranoid when it comes to my computer, I've got all kinds of security measures I use. I probably have a false sense of security though, those hackers are very clever.

    That reminds me, I am going to back up my computer now, it's beena while.

  4. Apart from installing more Security. However, my Spam filter has been turned up, so when something comes in, it is auto flagged up before opening. I had a friend fine tune this.