Saturday, November 05, 2011

Playing Catch-up! …….

trees down 2011 new saddle 009

It has arrived! My new saddle arrived a few days ago, all the way from Oklahoma.  Been waiting for what seems like ages, but it was worth it!

It took a long time to decide what type of saddle to get, but I finally plumped for the “Billy Cook, Arbuckle  Wade Ranch Saddle”.  The pics not brilliant, but it will do for now! Yes I was excited, but worried, just in case I had measured her (Gracie) incorrectly. Well I neednt have worried! Rode out yesterday, what can I say? I came back as comfortable as I went, but whats more, Gracie felt  different? Softer, easier, or was it just me?

Anyhow, did an hour again today, again, brilliant! Definitely, the horse was easier, and softer. The old saddle must have been past its best!

Down Came The Trees!!!!

trees down 2011 new saddle 001

Finally after months of waiting, the trees opposite our cottage, have been cut down!  No more Larch needles blocking drains, guttering, overflows, and getting wedged in the car windows!!

But the best thing??  More of a view, and more sunlight!  The trees standing to the right in this picture, have now gone too!

trees down 2011 new saddle 005

The day was a wet one, but hey!  Are we happy!!  It has been so dark these last ten years, but now? We have light!

We had no power for most of the last week, during the day, and as I have been working night shifts, I have`nt  posted, Sorry!

Ok, just one more of the saddle!!

trees down 2011 new saddle 007


  1. Classy saddle, you would be amazed at all the tack shops around me.

  2. Hi OOTP! Good to hear from you! I do love tack shops! Just the smell of the leather, could spend a fortune in them! I will be coming over to America in about 18 months. Looking to stay on a working ranch. Still looking for one that isnt a "Dude" ranch!!

  3. The saddle I had made for Beamer is also a Wade, I tried a lot of different trees on him and the Wade tree was the best fit: the bars, front and back, flare slightly away from the horse's back, so they don't dig into the shoulders or loin as the horse moves.
    Good choice, and a nice looking saddle.

  4. Hi Shirley!....That was the thinking behind my choice too. Gracie has a short back, and the Wade really does the job.
    I also remembered your choice of saddle tree all those months ago!!LOl. So that helped, and after looking into it all, and trying a Wade saddle a friend had just got, I knew there was no other!

  5. Glad the saddle worked out - sounds like she liked it. As Shirley says, a bit of flare can be very helpful - most saddles pinch in the shoulders which horses hate. The only other one I've found that's got adequate flare in the shoulder is the About the Horse (Black Rhino) saddles.

  6. A very handsome saddle! Glad everyone involved approves of it ;)

  7. Beautiful saddle and so happy it fits. The 2nd picture was just the right touch! :)

    When you come to America, what part of the country are you coming to? Or is contingent upon finding that working ranch?

  8. That is a nifty saddle. Looks so well made and I do like what all have said about that maker. Great work at research and choice! I know Gracie approves your efforts.

    Now I've got to figure out, my way out, of a poor saddle choice...the more I look into it all, the more pissed off I am at the owner of the Co. Handling me the way she has- start to now..I'm not finished ...:S

    Hang in with the hours ..well all be here for ya whenever you drop us a line!

  9. Gorgeous saddle, fit for an Oklahoma brush-popper! Put it to good use!

  10. Yay for the trees gone and the light of a winter sky making your day a bit brighter the saddle.Hope Gracie approved ...sounds all positive so far!Your new header photo is great too!

  11. Hi Tammy, yeah! That 2nd pic added! I`m looking at two responses, one from WY, and the other from Montana, but we, that is a friend of mine, havent made our minds yet. It really depends on whats happening at that time of the year. We dont want the fancy tourist stuff. I know many look for the idyll of the West, but it would be an honour to come for a while and be allowed to work alongside real ranchers and ride. Or am I being too simplistic?

    Hi AHS! Sorry to hear about the saddle!! Whew!...Thankyou, the hours are a bind.

    I will Mary Ann!

    Hi Sally! Thanks, the header wasnt my idea, but I kinda like it now!

    Hi Funder! Thanks for that.

  12. Beautiful, beautiful saddle. I would have been so apprehensive taking a chance on something so expensive and at such a long distance. Glad it worked out so well, for you and Gracie.

    As for the larch, all I can think of is the Monty Python "slide show" about it. Better view and more sunshine (in the north of England); you can't beat that.

  13. Thanks Ron! Glad you like it. Too true, Monty Python had it right!

  14. Nice!!! Happy horse and happy rider!

  15. Guess you'll be riding just that little bit taller in the saddle now, Cheyenne.

  16. Gorgeous. Nothing handsomer (is that a word) than a well made saddle. Need a picture of it on Gracie...

  17. Will do! But I might well put it on the "foal", Sunny is in work now.