Sunday, November 06, 2011

Last Night of Comfort.

Its cold tonight. In fact, its about time!  recently we have had one of the wettest summers  and Autumns for decades. But tonight, all that is almost forgotten, so much so, I decided to pop out to the stables, check the two horses that are in just now, and see whats happening.

night shots 005

Charlie!  Poor boy, tomorrow he joins the herd!  Wormed, injected, handled, and ready for the fray! While next door, in the other stable is???

night shots 007

I took this without flash, just by the fluorescent light. (A bit yellow)  Unfortunately, Gracie, wasnt too happy to be disturbed!

This is what she did next!

night shots 012

Total disgust!  I tried again.

night shots 011

She wasnt having any of it!   Grumpy old thing!  Tomorrow she goes back to the field also, and Sunny comes up. Sunny begins her training this week. I decided to leave it until the weather was better, and I had more time.  Looking forward to it!

Good night all!  “Gracie?  Say goodnight!”………………..” Sod off!”


  1. I dunno- Charlie looks quite comfy in his stall!

  2. Charlie is such a cutie!!!!

  3. Your both right, he is a reall nice boy!

  4. Charlie has found the perfect home!!! If I were a horse, it'd be perfect for me!

  5. Gytyyup! How nice of you to say. Thank you.

  6. Maybe that was Gracie's way of saying 'kiss my ass.'

  7. You`re right on the money ol` friend!

  8. Great dapples, even in flourescent lites!

  9. Thanks Breathe! She does!