Sunday, December 04, 2011

Good News, Not so Good, and Good News!

Here`s a further update on the jobs front:  Seems we may have done some good!  The powers that be, have given us a new date, after much consultation. Now we are looking at 2015!  Not brilliant, but better, gives folk time to set themselves up, and straighten out the future!

Me?……..Well I retire in 2 years time, at 60. I got to! Been like most folk, working since I was 15 years old. Need a rest! Lol..  Its the young ones, they need a chance, and the way things are going, doesnt look like they`ll have much!

Anyway, this gives me a chance to make provision for my beloved horses. Looks like my newly negotiated redundancy payment, will help me keep the horses after all.  So, where next?  Well, my OH has told me I need to get to Montana, for a Working ranch holiday!  So I`ve booked for 2013! two weeks,   with another horse mad fool!


  1. This is great news!! Where are you going in Montana? Been there before? It is one of my very favorite places.
    And retirement isn't so bad if you keep busy. Brett is having a great time. "Good bye tension, hello pension."

  2. Thanks Annette! it is good news, I really wanted retirement, but the pension a few years ago, was pretty poor, now with this top up, it`ll do nicely!
    I`m going to a Ranch outside Billings, The Lonesome Spur Ranch. Two weeks of what I hope will be the trip of a lifetime. I have been to WY before, never Montana.

  3. Wonderful news for you on all fronts! I know where you are coming from about the young ones though. The future doesn't look to bright for them unless lots of things change. Who knows...maybe they are the ones to change it?

  4. So glad you'll be able to keep the horses.

  5. Great news - what a relief!

    Sounds like a fabulous trip to Montana - Pie is from Montana!

  6. Glad to know that your (collective) voice was heard and you got a reprieve on the jobs. It would be a sad day to have to part with the horses.
    There are a few bloggers who live close to Billings- may be a good way to do a blogger meet-up!

  7. Good, good, good....oh my and --Montana great! Sure wish I could meet ya.
    See...I just had that feeling the next step would be better than what was perceived. Wow!

    Our working ranch visit will be a trip in our own Oregon this summer. What's the ranches name? Ours is Willowsprings.

  8. Don't answer that another's comment , and your answer to her! Lonesome spur

  9. Well I'm glad you get to retire in a few yrs and it is great that you won't have to worry about your Equine friends.I think it is awesome that you will be taking a horse adventure in Montana ,that is a place I would dearly love to get to.I'm sure it will be a trip of a lifetime.......but really if you want a super trip of a life time you have to do a horse adventure in Canada....specifically in BC......just kidding ....well kind of:) I'm sure your trip will be amazing. Wish I was going.

  10. Thanks Patsy. It is good!
    Hi Kate! Must be a good place then!
    Hi Shirley! Why not? lets arrange it.
    Ahs?.....Many thanks. If this trip is ok, I might visit another place!
    Hi Janice, looked at BC, but to be honest, the cost started to escalate, so we had to draw a line somewhere. But!! You never know.

  11. Visited Billings on a previous trip to Montana. You will like the area...I retire in 6 months (at 70, it's overdue) and there are so many uncertainties after that, I'm just going to take it one day at a time.

  12. Oooohhh I'm green with envy. It has always been my dream to ride the rockies or somewhere close. I'm really Annie Oakley waiting to happen. Will post a picture of me barrel racing on a horse named Annie Oakley one day.Its the cowgirl in me

  13. Brilliant news, weight of your mind :-)

  14. Hi Ron! Good on ya! Hope things turn out well. Will you still keep blogging?

    Sally, dont wait too long, get it done girl! I think I`ll start callin` ya ol` Annie! (No?)Lol

    Hi Laura, apart from the snow its good news! But as you know, best laid plans etc!!