Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Is it Me?

Is it me?………….Have I become an anachronism?   I believe I may have!  I bring your attention to the case the “Door Opener!”  Yes a simple matter of how the male species has lost all credibility with the modern female species.

I, that is me, while engaged in the normally harmless  pursuit of Window shopping! Became embroiled in what would now appear to be a very dangerous occupation! 

I was outside a well known Department store in our nearest large city. My other half, (she who must be obeyed!) was within, trying numerous garments, for an upcoming event. I, not being all that interested in ladies garments, after  having made that terrible mistake, most men make, when asked by their spouses, out shopping,  ” So what do you think?”    I replied, ” Its fine dear.”

That question, should carry a Health Warning!   And my answer ? it should never have passed my lips! God forbid! 

Anyhow! There I was standing very near the double swing entrance doors to this Monolith of Female expenditure, when a young lady, carrying several large shopping bags, attempted to open the said doors. I without a momentary hesitation, stepped gallantly forward, and opened the door.  A more polite gesture could not be envisioned!

Ah well!  Was I wrong!……” What the hell do you think you are doing! Dont you think I`m capable of opening a door for myself? Thats typical of men today! Always trying to control women!”

This tirade, was of a somewhat loud nature, and caused me to be silent, for some time! While still holding the damn door open! Having regained my composure, and stepping quickly from the  place of my own ridicule, I tried to hide my embarrassment. I was flummoxed!  I could not begin to understand why opening a door for a lady, had caused such a response.

As I stood silent, I felt a tap on my shoulder, turning, I saw the doorman, he smiled at me. Smiling back he said, “ You have to be careful nowadays pal, some dont want the door opened `cos they believe in equality, others like it, `cos its polite, and  its old fashioned manners.!”  I began to open my mouth to answer, but he walked back to the doors.

I have to ask, “Where has manners gone? Where has the time honoured principle of being polite gone? Or am I alone? destined to wander the byways and highways of chivalry, all alone!  I was always taught to open doors for a lady, be polite, tip your hat,(if you wear one), and give up your seat on a bus etc, for a lady, elderly or not. Or has reality finally caught up with me?  I just dont know anymore. Was my generation the last to learn manners?

I`m off to the Pub!…………………….My brain hurts!


  1. I appreciate (and thank) men who open doors for me. ...but then we are the same generation so maybe I'm not much help.

  2. Southern US men are notorious door openers. It hurts nothing at all to gracefully accept their "help," even if they do it totally wrong (opening the door but sort of standing in the doorway awkwardly while holding it!) She was just a bitch, don't sweat it :)

  3. I have to agree with Funder on the nature of the the lady.....and I use that term loosely. I was brought up to have manners so I appreciate the door being held open....at the same time I don't think it is a gender thing....I hold the door for anyone following in behind me and if I get to a door first and someone is on the other side I open it and wait for them to come through....On the other side of the coin sometimes I think there are not very many men...and I will also add women with good manners anymore...so look at it this way you are "Special"

  4. A man can open the door for me anyday. I hope my boys show such manners and will continue to even if they get the tirade like you did. I truly think that response is the exception and not the rule. I hope anyway. Opening doors has nothing to do with women's rights. Actually, ther are times when women could be as kind; can't tell you how many times I have had my hands full and some girl could have held a door for me and didn't and instead barged in front of me.

    Agree with Funder. What a beeyotch!

  5. I always think it is nice to have someone open the door for me! I notice more and more people will just let the door close in front of me instead of holding it open till I get there. I say be polite, most people appreciate it.

  6. If it makes you feel any better I teach my class, especially the boys that you do open doors as it is polite....you give up your seat for older people and you eat nicely with your mouth shut and aint isn't a word.maybe I'm old fashioned or maybe i should be at the pub too

  7. Thanks everyone! I know there are more of us out there! men and women, who fight the good fight!

    I was gratified today, I was moving two horses this morning, we had snow last night, and a heavy frost. So this morning it wasnt the best time to move the "wee beasties!"

    On the approach to the farm where I keep the horses, is a hill, it never gets gritted, well today! As I turned up the hill, a small car was coming down. It stopped. I stopped. There was a grit bin at the side of the road. She got out of her car, waved at me to get back in mine, and then! Proceeded to lay grit, for me to drive the hill!!

    I was well impressed! She waved as I drove past, and I returned the gesture.
    My belief in the kindness of us all, has been restored!

    The lady had two small kids in the back of her car, and she seemed to be about 30 ish. Then as I watched my mirrors she got in her car and drove away!

  8. Chivalry still lives! How much did you want to just slam the door closed and let her fend for herself? I love giving and receiving small kindnesses, and am appalled by wimmens libbers who think they have to cut down men to prove their "equality".

  9. Shirley! Now then!Lol. I must agree, although, it seems to be a sign of the times!!
    But good to know, there are a few of us left!

  10. ...sounds like she needed a kick in the pants as she entered the door!

    I adore a door being opened for me and I am happy to return the favor when I see the need arise!

    ...and the problem with the word "fine" is it is so... average. Most women don't toil over their looks just to be "average" or at least not in the eyes of their man!

  11. Ahhhh Good Manners and Common sense eh? I also love when I am treated with respect. Keep it up, pass it on. I agree with Funder too.:)

  12. You can open the door for me any time. You are a gentleman, and this woman was a....well, different kind of person...

  13. Oh!
    All I can say is...she was no lady!
    But you, you are a GENTLEMAN!