Friday, January 13, 2012

A Follow on!

This is a follow on from the last post, re what I  carry on long trips. I dont propose that everyone should take enough gear to cover everything!! Lord no!   ……..This is just what I carry, and for good reason……………….

About  two years ago, I had been out riding with Gracie, and another friend, who shall remain nameless.  We had covered just short of 15 miles, across varied landscape. However, my friends horse had been slightly slower and showing some slight lameness,  during the last mile or so, which is unusual, as she was a very fit animal.

We stopped to check the horses lower legs, couldnt find anything, that is until I lifted the hoof on the front  right, immediately this opened a deep puncture wound on the front of the Cannon bone area. It was to the bone.

A slight panic set in!  What to do, too far from any habitation, we didnt have half the stuff I carry now. All I had was  some elastic bandage, and some Lint pads. Anyway by now the blood had started to seep from the wound and it was clear to see that the sinew sheath that covers the bone was open to the air. The horse was starting to show some discomfort, so we wrapped the lint pads on the leg with the elastic bandage. Trouble was every few yards we had to re tie it!!  Finally we got it tight enough to keep it there. Of course time was pressing on, and my friend was getting worried. had I  had the basic sutures and gut, together with some sterile pads, and sedative paste, we would have been able to sort this pretty damn quick! ( I am not advocating that we should all do stitching of wounds!)

We finally got the horse down towards a  farm, but she wasnt for moving any further!  So I set off on my horse to cover the last two miles.

Needless to say the cost of getting a vet to where the horse was, at night! Lets just say my friend was most shocked!  But after some sedation ( the horse that is!) and a good cleansing of the wound plus sutures, all wrapped neatly with a bandage, the horse was able to walk, albeit slowly to the farm.

There it stayed for nearly  three days. Until the vet gave the all clear for the horse to travel.

It was that vet, who showed me what to carry for the horse, just the basics, anyone can do basic stitches to skin, its not that hard, but sedation is a help! Lol!    Anyway all was well that ended well.

The main thing is, you never know whats round the corner, and horses are a costly item, so now I am prepared, for the next time!


  1. This and the last post are fascinating! I don't ride anywhere near as far as you, but I am going to borrow a few of these tips. Thanks!

  2. Good story, Cheyenne. Laughed at the implied idea of your friend needing sedation at the cost.

  3. Amazing how much stuff can happen to a horse, specialy when its in an inconvenient spot.