Friday, January 13, 2012

For AllHorseStuff!

AllHorseStuff was wondering what I carry in my saddlebags, when out on a ride. More usually than not, if the ride is a local “round the corner ride” I take maybe only a few snacks for me and the horse. But if the ride is a long ride, or over hill country, thats  a bit different.  So I thought I might share with you, the things I carry. here goes!

First off, my Cavalry “style” saddle bags! They can carry a fair bit of kit!  Leather, and well made.

kit 005

Next?…Map and Compass (essential!)

kit 001

I always use a large scale map, 1:25000

kit 009

Hoof boots! x 2!  Lighter than metal shoes and nails!

kit 010

Then we have, watertight tin with scissors, tweezers, sutures, needles, Bandages, elastic and otherwise.

kit 012 

A tube of Oral Sedative Gel, lasts about 6 hours, directions on the box! Great when horse has a cut that needs stitching! Or you need to remove  an object from the lower leg etc.

kit 017

Finally, I always carry fixed to me, usually on my lower leg, a complete set of personal details, plus medical info!

I must also point out, I carry a sharp knife, plus hoof pick. Then comes enough food for me for the day, and I also carry around 4 pounds of grain for the horse, and a 2 litre water container!

Hope that helps KK! 


  1. Your days as a mountaineer are reflected in the gear you carry. Well prepared, I'd say!

  2. Great stuff! Thanks for posting this!

  3. How incredibly cool! I have never carried anything like this - I just learned a lot. Thank you!

  4. Thanks Shirley, I think it does! Its realy interesting, just what can be carried. Just as an aside, Ido, and have used everything at some point?

  5. Loved this~ TRULY!!
    THANKS, you've inspired me to update/ upgrade my English saddle packs!! The sedative I'm go.g to inquire about at the vet.
    Excellent post!
    When I get it together, I'll post too.

  6. very prepared,best too much than not enough

  7. That's what I call prepared,I was going to ask have you had to use any or all of your supplies. I bet you could tell us some stories?

  8. Seems like you're prepared for anything! (I do hope 'snacks' and 'food' include chocolate and Kendal mint cake?)

  9. Thanks AHs x!

    I know it looks like a lot of stuff, but it only weighs about 4 pounds, Patsy, the Kendal Mint cake, I used to love, but my teeth thought better of it!lol
    I probably could Janice, maybe?

  10. Insteresting selection of stuff, when we go on longer rides, I always have a first aid kit for horses (which has been used on humans more than horses actually) and not much else but a few snacks, bug spray and my camera of course :)

  11. Hi Crystal! Yeah, that should be good enough, I suppose it really doesnt matter what you take, except when its needed.
    Perhaps I should write a small story? But anyone can take nothing or something, its purely up to the individual.

  12. I got to thinking about this, and I must have this all wrong. In my little bags, I usually have my cell phone, my GPS and a bottle of whiskey. Guess I have to go shopping.

  13. Ha! Knotty Dogs!!ROTFLOL!!!!!!

    Love your humour! Incidentally, I have been known to carry Port, but I never drink and ride? BTW Dont go shoppin` stay as you are, `cos sometimes, less is more!

  14. Hey Chey,

    It's been awhile since I've had time to visit with you...I like the new look to your blog.

    Great post!