Friday, January 13, 2012

Tube In!

Poor Charlie!..........In goes the tube! .............Poor chap, shook his head, and tried to shake the wormer from his throat!
But just like a Toothless Buzzard, I succeed.(s)!  Sunny got the remaining dose! Poor soul, it must taste foul, anyway, that was all done.  So we`ll wait now and in a couple of days? We should see some results. I have used Paramox, it covers all the usual stuff, but also, Encysted   Red worms! Which according to the vets here, are rather prevalent, this winter due to the current weather conditions.

I have also dosed the rest, just to be on the safe side!....Photos to follow!  On another matter entirely, the diet is going well!  I know, `cos I`m starving!..............No not really, but it feels that way. I have`nt weighed myself since I started, but that`s another matter.
My "cold" has taken a turn for the better. I only cough every ten minutes now! lol. And my lungs stay in place too!  So thats it, the weather is on the up, I feel better, and that poor horse of mine is in for a shock!

But more about that later.


  1. Hey Cheyenne!!
    Wonderful new background...
    ( you knew I would like it) .
    And sometime in the future, please show us more details on exactly what hangs from tour saddling rigging- what's in the bags?
    That view and sign post is great, you mare and yourself included.

    Yea, we are taking some poo samples to the vet soon- they test it now here in the states for exactly what the horse has. Many have become resistant from over worming.
    Bet that stuff just tastes wretched!!!
    Thanks for such encouragement, it means so much to me(us -I share with my man)

  2. I`ll take some pics of whats in the saddlebags for you, and, your welcome friend!

  3. Glad you're better!
    And now you have me wondering if I should take samples from my horse's hind-end's produce to my Vet?
    Sounds like a good idea.
    As always- great post!

  4. Poor guys I always feel sorry for them when I go out armed to do the deed.I guess time will tell if that's what Charlie's problem is...that and growing.If that's all it is he should be looking pretty spiffy in about a month. We picked up some weanlings a few years ago and they hadn't ever been dewormed what a gong show that was.They started feeling better in about a week and they were all shiny and pretty in about a month.Good luck. Glad you are on the road to feeling better...hopefully you are in for some dry... sunny... days.

  5. Thanks Deanna, always worth getting the samples checked. You never know!

    Hi Janice, I`m sure he will feel better, he has a thick winter cot and it hasnt been too cold so far, this year.

  6. I like the new blog look. You should see results in thee poo piles today, if you care to look.
    Glad to hear you are feeling better, my cold is starting to go away at last too.
    Now, just what are you up to with Gracie???